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Mag- natone Kecoi-ds Li leaving its Music Row location to move action camera aee mercado livre with parent company Speer Communications at the lat- ter's complex on Dicker- son Road. White sa. A bill before Congress would make such a memorial a national monument WTiite plans to take a mmiel of t he memorial on tour to raise public awareness.

Handleman is distributing. Jero' Lee Lewis will observe his fi2nd birthday Sept 28 with a liarliecue at his ranch in Mis- sissippi, just south of Memphis. Lewis is promising tours of the ranch and his "Killer Kar Kollection. And to me that's what makes long careers and great careers and distin- guished careers. I think his con- fidence is showing through on this album. There's real artistic growth here, all the way from song selection to performances. So when we went into the studio this time there wasn't any of the nervousness on my part, and it was relaxed and fun.

We did better stuff action camera aee mercado livre this album. The song debuted at No. Hendricks says the choice of "The Rest Of Mine" as the first single was not immediately obvious. We were a little afraid of it and really took our time to write it and make it the best we possibly could. When unable to read sd card. There's you a country song. I love that song. And it's not because I live in Texas — believe me, that is not an advantage to a record per se.

But I thought that was a really, really good song. So, I'm going to make a significant commit- ment to advertise Trace where people are hearing his music. But my point is this: If somebody danny edge birthday to you that everybody is down at the ice cream store, action camera aee mercado livre wouldn't Ix- a bad place to put an ad up.

If evei'ybody is going to Continued on paqeS? RCA fcjftA? LLE C: CJ iD: FRiF FM. Airpower awarded to those recofcfs which allain deleclioos fw the first time. Catalog number action camera aee mercado livre for cassette smgle.

CI Cassette single availabtlrty. D CO single availability. Top Country Singles Sal les. Triple top openers occurred once in both and Meanwhile, Collin Rave's hits package sets up shop at No. This is Yearwood's first No. Her Billboard posi- tion also represents a career high. Yearwootl's Iwst-of set is the fourth title to debut at No. OOO and Each of the three action camera aee mercado livre that youtube livestream settings Top Country Albums repre'senls the biggest opening weeks for those artists.

Trisha Year- wood. Since the primary gopro battery charger lights of l oth sets Ls Raye's coun- try hits, the 'hristian bookstore wreion will also be eligible for the country chart. All lit Sachi and sachi internships Com- pared with the stout sales, airi'lay at country radio has been. Rimes opened at No.

The following week it held at No. Billy Ray Cyrus i-ose ti No.

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They need it, we need it. We should show our com- mitment to country actio. Trace will be the first artist where we take our money and put it right back to country radio.

It will also include nation- action camera aee mercado livre promotions on Adkins during the fourth [uarter: So people who didn't have the courage or the belief that country music is that mar- ketable, I think they're changing their minds uickly. Responding to word of the Capitol radio campaign.

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That's obviously a gopro hero 4 timelapse settings medium and not an aural medi- um. It's better they go right to the source — radio — and not just depend on airplay alone.

The record compa- nies have been advertising gopro action camera review TV in recent yeai-s. I'm glad that they're doing it, because I know that they will see results. Very gixxl results. They tried it with Tracy Lawrence's album, and it debuted at No. So it translates into sales. Jane, and Spot. Adkins says, "In all honesty.

I have to tell you that's the one song that Scott Hen- dricks just took a baseball bat and made me sing. He said. It ain't about any- thing. I'm not up there trying to make people go home and slash their wrists. It's one of our fun-fac- tor songs that I think you need to have to make an album.

It's just fun. It's easy to action camera aee mercado livre. It's a unique version of the song. It's the first thing we'w ever done without drums, and you don't miss them.

It's very haunting. Deana Yikoo action camera. John Berry, and Adkins all sing on it.

One of Adkins' cuts is "The Christmas Song. So we wanted something differ- ent, and I think we got it.

You can actually daucc to Trace's rersion, slow dance to it. It really makes you want to slow action camera aee mercado livre. His voice on that is magical. Hopefully, that will catch on, and it could become the next 'Like A Kock. His publish- ing is bv Sawng Cumpnv. BMIl HL. BML'lon- a: BMlPolygram Int I. Vtrpn limber. BML'Biind Sparrim. Warner Cfiappeli. Tape prices marhed EQ, and all otfier CD prices, are equivalent prices, which are projected from wtwlesale prices Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit increase, Pacesetter indicates txggKt pefcentage growth.

Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers action camera aee mercado livre week. HB indicates past or present Heatseeker title. A5h;ille ii: Harman Internation- al is scheduled to kick off its second year of educational prog7"ams, bring- ing some of the era's best-known jazz musicians to elementary schools around the country.

Both are education zealots, as is Betty Carter. The notion of capturing an audience of chil- dren and spark- ing action camera aee mercado livre interest during a one-day session is daunt- ing, confesses action camera aee mercado livre singer.

Kids only know what's on the radio. And these days, our radio stations are not dealing in difference. They're dealing in com- mercialism. Jazz doesn't make much money, jazz isn't on the radio much. It's not harti to figure out. She's known for being one of the most inventive vocalists in jazz history, as well a. Her trioe are usual- ly full of newcomers who look to the vet for pointers. When I came up, we had choirs, big band, general music.

Action camera aee mercado livre not always there now. Kids need music from 2 years old on — no, from when they're in their mother's womb on. Indeed, he has his own mini-curriculum. This Is the first time Carter has tried something like this. When we spoke, she was still mulling ovx;r her tack. You can't expect te fix something in one after- noon. Hopefully, these kinds of pro- grams will continue and some kind of consistency will be. If not, it won't work.

You need consistency. Jjizz is in comiK. The kids don't have a long attention span. Carter takes over Oct.

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The season of Jazz at Lincoln Center, the program's largest ever. The first eon- cert of the sejison proves that JCn'LC continues to think big. The trumpeter often worked with a five-piece unit. Honaa TiH: Duke Roblllard Danserous Place "Oiock full of honking. KiueaWnj hom lines and sliding, stinging guior licks.

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Duke Robillsrd's Dangerous PUce is jump blues at us finest Look for this one-each and every cut is a winner. West Coast swing. Kansas Crty ump Wues and aggres- sive Chicago burners. Their group name means "mud flaps of success," and since Aug. In addition, EMI has action camera aee mercado livre its five-story office into a Paralamas haven, complete with Paralamas memorabilia located throughout the building. Musically, the trio is noted for weaving slyly witty verse with con- tagious grooves rooted in ska and reggae.

Change of address: RMM is distributed by Universal. Universal's general phone number is ; Uni- versal's fax number is ; Universal Music Latino's fax num- ber is The phone number is ; the fax number is Stateside briefs: The launch will mark the network's first appearance in its home market.

Loto ;30S! Spinetta is booked to per- form Sept. The following day, Ratones Paranoicos take the stage. The address is http: Last year, CMT named the band its video group of the year.

Rhino's subsidiary label Zyanya Action camera aee mercado livre is slated to drop Nov. Raza Rock: War, action camera aee mercado livre the way, has just dropped "Colleceidn Lalina," a greatest-hits package complemented by Spanish- language versions of its classic "Low Rider" and a bilingual version of "East L.

TN INC. DE LA. Finally, everything you need to Ixmk talent, promote tours, and take care of hu-siness is in one single, easy-to-use reference source! Get over 1 7,00 listings in the U. Order muRiple copies for your entire staff! J YES! I3ale Signature freouiredl C ardholder fplease print tome Company Ci ty. Bike camera that mounted to your penny farthing Please note; Orders are payable in U.

Ail sales are final Mail action camera aee mercado livre to: Videos loading slow on phone Directones. Box Outside the U. Lcitir arM ioniilsjfi ii. The disc was issued by New York imprint Avenue Records. War's tour is slated to begin Sept.

Among the artists per- forming during the six-hour music happening were Llniversal Mexico's techno pop act Moenia; Sony Mexi- co stars Fey. VP of Nederlander; and Dick Aten.

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He plans to relocate per- manently to San Carlos. Panama, next year. Thalia, who al- ready enjoys a smoking career as an actress and singer, may live on for- ever now that she has been immor- talized as a merxado figure and a doll. On Aug. Later this year, a doll created in her image will be in toy stores. Gallegos, who owns the group's name, will recruit five new members to replace the original bandmates, who plan to stay togeth- er action camera aee mercado livre another moniker.

Milan's blues song stylist Betsy Pecanins is booked to kick off her U. She is gopro lenses hero 4 to put out "Recuento. In a bid to restore flagging rat- ings.

Mexican TV network Televisa is resurrecting — after a year camerz — "Festival OTl Nacional," a songwriting competition, and "Fes- tival Juguemos A Cantar," a song- writing contest for children ages 6- Also making a special appearance was Sony heartthrob Chayanne, who showed up even though his son Lorenzo had been born just days before the event.

TV Azteca's entertainment gossip show "Caiga Quien Caiga" is among three new programs to recently hit the air. Also making their hows are "Dance En El chesty for gopro. Under produc- tion is another soap, "Lagunilla. His fans were not happy, but they were refunded their money.

Juanga is. Remember Gil Shaham on the Weather Channel a few winters ago? The young violinist is action camera aee mercado livre vidt'd again, this acfion to promote his latest release, "The Fiddler Of The Opera" Deutsche Gram- mophona recording of opera transcriptions due Sept. Actin video outing is clearly just for fun: DG filmed Shaham, decked in cape and oversized hat, slinking though the ornate Opera de Paris the Palais Garnier and cleverly intercut it with origi- nal footage from the film clas- sic "The Phantom Of The Opera.

The juxtaposition of the ominous screen Phantom and Shaham's cherubic camea is pretty funny. Shaham also talks action camera aee mercado livre the pieces he plays. Too bad there's no Opera Channel.

There are also transcriptions by Sarasate and Heifetz. Shaham says he found enough material to make up five or six discs, including some obscure things, like Poihoda's arrangement iphone 7 trade up the waltzes from "Der Rosenkavalier. DG will be promoting action camera aee mercado livre recording with poinl-of- purchase and radio advertising in conjunction with Shaham's tour action camera aee mercado livre this fall.

Shaham then goes to Europe. NPR is planning a "Morning Edition" fea- ture on the violinist, and Shaham will also be featured in the Discover Card's September newsletter, which goes to Conductor in gopro hero 4 silver owners manual Flemish conductor Philippe Herreweghe, best known for his interpreta- tions of the German Baroque and his stunning record- ings with La Chupellc Royale, has, like so many other early music conductors, been moving forward in time and forming different ensembles in order to conduct Mozart, Brahms, and Berlioz, to name a few.

General director William Mason, successor to Ardis Krainik, who aeee last fall, has appointed conductor Andrew Davis music director and principal conductor, beginning Sept. Opera con- sultant and artist manager Matthew Epstein will become inexpensive camcorder director May 1, Bruno Barto- letti, who has been artistic director and principal con- ductor of the company sincewill retire and take the title of artistic director emeritus.

What's right is right, even online. More than IGO countries agree. Their what file format does mac use re.

Bop initially sounded rad to listeners weaned on swing's comjiara- tively ewn-tempered demeanor. It should be interesting to hear if Marsalis. The season's offerings continue Sept. High Priest Of Jazz. These new treaties, adopted al the World Intel- lectual Property Organization's Diplomatic Conference in Geneva, require countries to strengthen their copyright protections and extend copyright protections to cyberspace, promising us and every American artist hope of mercwdo market- place that will protect our works into the 21st century.

But we're not going to benefit from these treaties unless Congress ratifies them and recognizes that American leadership is critical to gain passage of the treaties in other countries. For the treaties to take effect worldwide, at least 30 other countries must also approve them.

Livr right for the nations of the world to come together to protect artists and their work. It's wrong to allow these treaties and the protec- tions they offer to be sidetracked. The people who help us get con- nected to the Action camera aee mercado livre are threat- ening to derail the treaties.

They've got their own issues, and we under- stand that, but they ought to be addressed separately. They should- n't get in the way of these treaties.

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We need some basic rules in cyber- space, and we've all got to take responsibility. People have to realize that it takes something unique to create a song or write a hook or make a movie or come up with a software program. It takes a part of us to write our songs. It comes from inside, and no one else has a right to claim it as their own or to use it and not give us credit.

We're not yet at the point where intellectual property, like a song, isn't valued at all. Hopefully wVII never get there. But we have reached a point where it's seen only as commerce, as goods.

We need to step back once in a while and think all the way action camera aee mercado livre to the origin, to the creator of that work. It's someone's creative output. It's action camera aee mercado livre piece of some- one's soul, an expression from their heart. That's what the law is there to protect.

That's what the Constitu- tion protects. Premiere change frame rate what copyright is all about.

It's an American tradition that must have a place in America's future. July 22 release. Yet another compilation, "Sunday Sam- pler," spotlights '97 windows update code 80070005 releases and sports a Sept. Pick up an album, any album, that has lioon produced by Michael Brooks. WTiat you'll find is strong lyrical content, pinpoint camfra vocals, and nothing short of cutting-edge genius.

Out Sept. His mercadi e. Brown's hand awed the crowd with a cut from ita forth- coming release. Inductees include Mahalia Jackson, Thomas A. Shirley Caesar, and Clara Ward. Ozzy Osbourne, "Blizzard Of Ozz. Kenny Rogers.

Kenny G, "The Moment," Arista, 3 million. Kenny Rogers, "Kenny," Capitol Nashville. Various artists, soundtrack, "Men In Black," Columbia, 2 million. The Cult, "Electric," Sire, its sec- ond. Various artists, soundtrack, "Men In Black," Columbia.

Depeche Mode, "Ultra," Reprise, its ninth. C music ministry. They are literally passing the message how to put a microsd card into a computer hope and ligre in gospel music from generation to generation. JAMES forefront 5l4l.

For bcned sets, and doutjte albums wilt a ninning time trut exceeds two hours, he RIAA multiplies shipnwnts by the number o discs ancVor tapes All albums available on cassette and CD.

The label is asking action camera aee mercado livre to help it pick its ne. Each CD and cassette will include a ballot that will allow the public to pick a favorite cut.

Fans may also cast their vote via Word's World Wide Web site www. The act that receiv'es the most votes may get signed to a record deal. Is that an interesting marketing ploy or what? Word is prodding consumers to get inwlved by giving away one Sony PlayStation to a randomly selected voter at the end of the contest. One hundred runners-up will receive a "pawtographed" "Mindy's Revenge" poster, which features a giant orange cat wreaking havoc on a city. The frightened looks on the faces of the Word staffers in the photo are priceless.

They should all get pay raises for such unabashed willingness to ham it up. The music on the sampler offers something for every- one, running the gamut from modern and alternative rock to acoustic pop and folk. Word will implement a national and regional radio campaign to promote the project, as well as an extensive push to consumer keyhole rock big sur trade publications. More recently, systems have been developed that use infrared light sources.

Body scanning systems normally consist of one or more light sources, one or more vision or capturing devices, software, computer systems and monitor screens to visualize the data capture process [6]. The major scan technologies in use are those employing laser and non-laser light. A laser line is projected onto meercado body from all sides and is viewed by cameras that are triangulated at a fixed angle.

The advantage of a single line is that it is easily detected by the sensor which can The sequentially captured 3D lines generally taken at 1 or 2 mm increments are then merged to form the complete 3D image.

A structured light system projects a structured light pattern onto the surface of the body from the front and from the back, and a full 3D image is calculated using the deformed pattern. The light pattern may consist of dots, bars, or any other pattern. The advantage of a structured light scanner is the camra with which it is capable of capturing data from the whole body.

Structured light scanning mercaddo so fast that it can actually be used for 4D scanning: This offers opportunities to couple the registration of movements eae 3D shape analysis.

A 3D image is acquired from two or more cameras. A stereo-camera records two images at the same time from a different viewpoint. From the content of the two action camera aee mercado livre the depth to the body can be calculated and converted into a dense 3D image in realtime. The advantage of a stereo-camera system is that no laser line or light pattern is transmitted, meaninng that environmental light cannot interfere with the pattern.

However, using a laser line or patterns enables a higher resolution, more accurate, 3D image to be produced. Both active action camera aee mercado livre passive millimeter wave scanners are available.

Active scanners use the reflection patterns of millimeter waves projected onto action camera aee mercado livre body. Passive scanners process the millimeter waves that are emitted by the human skin. Millimeter waves offer the advantage that they pass through most clothing ensembles but not the skin. Thus, the shape of the body can be captured without the client being required to undress. This offers an advantage gopro battery charger lights terms of time and effort, but may introduce an ethical problem because the private parts of the subjects can be seen.

Millimeter wave scanners are currently employed at airports for the detection of metal parts under garments and offer an alternative to low radiation x-ray scanners. Many studies are available that compare the various types of existing body scanners. Daanen et al. Despite concluding that body scanners are expensive, require technical expertise, and cannot measure skin-folds or compressed bone lengths, they agree that they offer the ability to collect greater amounts how upload video to youtube data, can extract data when the subjects are no longer present and are able to use the it directly in computer-aided design software applications.

They then anticipated that the extraction of fast and accurate anthropometric data would be. Scanning process 3D scanning offers a technique for capturing body dimensions in a fast and reproducible way.

However, the position of the subject in the scanning volume is important if reliable data that can be used in an anthropometric database are to be obtained. The postures used for measurements in traditional anthropometry are not suitable for body scanning because they occlude large areas at the axillae or the crotch Instead, they require action camera aee mercado livre scan posture with abducted arms and legs that affords the image capture devices a view of the inside surfaces of the limbs and torso.

Kouchi et al. Although occluded areas are smaller when arms and legs are abducted, these postures action camera aee mercado livre also result in changes to the shape of the shoulders and to body dimensions around the shoulders and hips.

As scanning systems are different from action camera aee mercado livre another in the number and placement of image capture devices, the optimal scanning position may vary from system to system. When the optimal position is determined, it should be described precisely and used for all subjects. ISO Standard [18] suggests the four postures identified in Fig. For all postures, quiet respiration normal breathing should be adopted.

The shoulders should mfrcado straight without being stiff, and muscles should not be tense. The positions adopted by subjects during the scanning process should be adapted to the study being conducted. As such, in the literature it is possible to find positions that differ from those indicated in ISO This is the case presented by Ashdown et al.

This is a fundamental aspect of a good scan because other positions often result in holes or missing data for some portion of the body or obscure another area aef as under the arms or for areas where the cameras cannot record data such as surfaces parallel to the floor. Additionally, surfaces such as hair and dark-textured clothing decrease the quality livrre the scan by scattering the light and preventing the cameras from capturing a complete set of data points.

In this case they recommend that researchers aim at reducing postural and technical errors by strictly adhering to measurement protocols, undergoing extensive tester training, choosing appropriate test—retest intervals, minimizing diurnal variability, and taking multiple measurements.

There are also new ways of creating three-dimensional images using systems that were not initially designed for the purpose. This is the case of Microsoft Kinect, which can be used for numerous other applications besides games. The Microsoft Kinect sensor is one of a class of devices known as depth cameras in the category of structured light systems [21]. Kinect may be considered a 3D markerless motion capture system because it actoin action camera aee mercado livre simplified skeleton in real time, without the need xee special clothes or other equipment.

Despite the fact that it cannot be used aeee extremely accurate studies [], it may be deployed when there is no need for high levels of accuracy, for example in clothing or shoe sizing, indirect fat measurement, or clinical rehabilitation [25, 26]. Applications Body scanners are used for a wide variety of applications. More recently, according to Ashdown et al. Another important use of body scanners is the creation of anthropometric databases.

Representatives were asked to ensure the database contained samples for various weights, ethnic groups, gender, geographic regions, and socio-economic status.

The study was conducted between April and early and included three scans per person for i standing posture, ii full-coverage posture and iii relaxed seating posture. The data collection methods were standardized and documented so that the database may be continually expanded and updated. High-resolution body scans were made using three-dimensional body scanners from Cyberware and Vitronics. The different body scanners There are two types of body scanners: Based on a publication from [13], several 3D whole body scanning systems are currently available on the market, including those presented in Table 1.

Currently available 3D whole body scanning systems. When using anthropometric data it is important to test its reliability and validity, as these factors action camera aee mercado livre influence both the measurements and the interpretation free editing system the results.

Appannah et al. Also important is intra-observer reliability, described as the ability of the same observer to obtain consistent measurement, and gopro hero manual pdf reliability — ability of different measurers to obtain similar measurement.

The same authors also discuss the fact that when multiple observers are involved, this error can be accentuated, as happens in action camera aee mercado livre large-scale anthropometric surveys, where the landmarking process is conducted by a single person but the body measurements are done by several [22].

Although when traditional methods are used the steps to achieving actual usable anthropometric data are not very complex, they are much more complex when a 3D body scanner is employed, as shown in Fig. This is the reason why 3D anthropometry presents so many more factors that may influence the existence of errors in measurements.

Ever since 3D body scanners first appeared there have been authors who have tried to assess the accuracy and precision of the measurements derived from them. Attempts have been made to evaluate them in terms of: However, Kouchi et al. Both Table 2 and Fig. Most studies evaluate errors in body action camera aee mercado livre rather than errors in landmark locations. This happens because when the same image is used, the scan-derived landmark locations are not always identical, but may vary according to the methodology — marker stickers indicating landmarks or landmark locations calculated from surface data — and to the way that markers are identified — by an operator, or calculated using software.

The following section goes into more detail about landmarking. Sources of errors Despite the importance of all these issues because of their impact on measurement error they are sometimes neglected when conducting an investigation. In most studies the error limits are set prior xction data collection, whilst the performance of the measurer is evaluated during the collection process comparing action camera aee mercado livre with previously defined action camera aee mercado livre.

Both in traditional anthropometry methods and in 3D anthropometry, there are some factors that may affect the incidence of errors. The traditional instruments used when collecting mecado data are usually simple to calibrate and as such, they are only unreliable if they were poorly designed e.

On the other hand the calibration of a 3D scanning system can be camear either by the hardware or software. Most scanning systems have a calibration action camera aee mercado livre that will verify and correct the calibration of the scanner by measuring action camera aee mercado livre simple geometric shape of known dimensions.

The skill of measurement collection processes resides not only in the ability to produce several consistent measurements, but also in the ability to accurately identify the locations of the various landmarks.

Despite the fact that the repeatability of posture is marked as being acion factor caused by the participants, micro sdxc memory card proper measuring posture and its repeatability are factors that are also related to the measurer, as they can be controlled if the measurer provides proper instructions [30]. As such, it may be said that observer error is the cause of most errors in traditional The traditional anthropometric measuring procedure has not changed much since this study was carried out in the late s.

For the are you waterproof of landmark locations it is fundamental that participants adopt the correct posture for the measurement or the landmark location crowd release form be compromised and the results biased.

They state that if the location were marked in this posture, the mark on the skin would slide away from it when participants lift their heads for orientation in the Frankfurt plane, compromising the reliability of the results.

As action camera aee mercado livre is the basis for obtaining valid results, it is important to quantify the measurement errors caused by landmarking. Despite the fact that the repeatability of landmarking has action camera aee mercado livre considered livvre important factor that, if handled incorrectly, best slow motion camcorder to errors in anthropometry measurement, there are action camera aee mercado livre studies that quantify the phenomenon.

Additionally, they found that the errors in body dimensions were smaller than landmarking errors in 23 of action camera aee mercado livre 35 llvre analyzed, suggesting that the magnitude of landmarking errors would likely be underestimated by examining errors in body dimensions. When using 3D body scanners, the landmarking process is youtube compression guidelines crucial for the correct correspondence of anatomical locations between subjects and across scans.

Moreover, measurements derived from reliable landmarks can be used for mercadi analysis, for reconstructing aer in human body shape or even for creating homologous models [42, 43]. As such, the poor identification of landmark locations characteristic of 3D anthropometry has a significant effect on the derived data that is used to define participant body dimensions and to effect shape analysis.

Landmarks can eae placed manually with traditional markers, livee scanners that can sense color differentiation, or small hemispherical objects stuck to the skin for scanners that only capture surface geometry — Fig. Or they may lire identified by the. They are found by palpation or measurement and can be used to define anatomical correspondence between individuals.

Most commonly used landmarks are located action camera aee mercado livre specific bones or are easily identifiable by soft tissue features such as nipples or the navel [17]. Wrongly identifying a body landmark is the main cause of observer error in the collection of anthropometric data [30]. As such, in any anthropometry-based study it is extremely important to agree on the body measurements to be recorded and the common points on the body to be identified.

In anthropometry, the same livge is frequently used to measure several body dimensions. Anthropometrists usually use a small cross or dot as a marking symbol Fig. Locating the required body landmarks can be a very difficult and time-consuming task.

Aftion may be especially problematic in people with more body fat over the bony landmarks [15], or people in wheelchairs with whom it can be hard to gain access to the required landmarks [32]. Action camera aee mercado livre to Paquette [41], in action camera that can shoot stars, four hours were required to physically landmark, measure, and record the data of one individual in an anthropometric survey of US Army personnel.

As this is a difficult process, and integral to reliable data collection, some attention has been given to developing methods to enable correct landmark identification. Mercaro studies present best mic for gopro for automatically calculating landmark locations [47,48] while others propose alternatives for automatically detecting and calculating 3D coordinates of markers positioned by experienced anthropometrists [46].

However, as creating a good criterion for evaluating the performance of an algorithm is wakeboard gopro mount difficult, the performance of very experienced anthropometrists is used as a criterion for evaluating the performance of algorithms used licre calculating scan-derived body dimensions [30]. According to Wang et al.

Often the positions of the landmarks can be easily identified on the scanning image with the human eye, a process that is difficult to program into software. By using color information obtained from the cameras in the scanning heads, manually placed landmarks can also be identified by analyzing the RGB information in the scanned image [6,46,49].

However, the procedure of placing markers on the body surface is time consuming, relatively invasive, and may involve human error. They examined the landmarking of 40 individuals carried out by experienced and novice markers and compared the differences in measurements taken with reference to the landmarks identified.

Differences in measurements obtained that were due to intra- and inter- observer error were sufficiently large that it was suggested that the explicit definition of landmarks in more detail might reduce landmarking errors.

Therefore, the possibility of developing marker-free techniques for landmarking becomes an important issue action camera aee mercado livre analyzing 3D whole body scanning data. For the method of automated landmarking, analyzing the geometry of the human body using techniques such as silhouette analysis is a logical approach [50].

Douros mfrcado al. Allen et al. Lu and Wang [52] used four algorithms silhouette analysis, minimum circumference determination, gray-scale detection, and human-body contour acttion to locate 12 landmarks and 3 characteristic lines automatically, making it possible to obtain body dimensions.

AS CAMERA-AS Camera dei Deputati AS AS SVNP-COS - Select Systems Inc. AS AS ACTIONNET - Action Hosting Corporation Inc. AS . AS AEBS-ASN - AE Business Solutions AS OAMI-AS OFICINA DE ARMONIZACION DEL MERCADO INTERIOR (OAMI).

According to Kouchi et al. Before starting the actioon measurement process it is necessary to gopro 4 silver specs some body parts, in order to achieve an appropriate reconstruction from the captured datapoints a. The human model is usually divided at armpits and crotch a process known as segmentation. Five body parts, including head and torso, both arms, and both legs can sj8000 ultra hd 4k wifi action camera identified.

There are many ways to perform this segmentation, for example, Nurre et al. The landmarking process is the action camera aee mercado livre problematic aspect of 3D anthropometry since the landmarks placed on bony structures that are found below the skin surface, and palpated by the anthropometrist in traditional methods cannot be. Although selecting a manual method to decide landmark locations on the human body and placing a marker is time consuming, so too is doing it semi-automatically by validating marker centers and naming markers.

If on the one hand, automatic calculations of landmark locations save time, on the other, they may not always match the landmark locations identified by experienced anthropometrists. Creating anthropometric databases typically requires considerable resources time, knowledge, funds, equipment and people. To overcome these limitations, technological developments in recent years, using action camera aee mercado livre digital forms, bluetooth microphone adapter made it possible to advance the study of human size and shape using fewer resources.

It also has the potential to produce valid and reliable measurements. With these advances it is now possible livrd explore the possibilities of anthropometric measurement processes and create new perspectives on its use. The type of technology used differs from action camera aee mercado livre to scanner. There are four main types of technology: Currently, there is a significant range buy 32gb micro sd card three-dimensional body scanners available in the market action camera aee mercado livre major products developed action camera aee mercado livre different parts of the globe.

Depending on the technology and product used, zee results and applications are different. Different products may have different reliability issues, potentially compromising the applicability of the data. Depending on the desired application -i. For example, the Microsoft Kinect, which is less accurate, may be used for apparel applications, while the Vitrus Smart LC, because it is more precise, can be used for compiling an anthropometric database.

The same logic can be applied when selecting traditional methods versus 3D anthropometry, as which method should be used will depend on the type of data required onedimensional measurements or three-dimensional surface shapes and on how it will be applied. Simmons, K. Comparing 3D body-scanning and anthropometric methods for apparel actionn. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal, 7 3pp.

Kroemer, K. New York: Montagu, M. Charles C Thomas Publisher, Daanen, H. Displays, 19 3pp. Jones, P. Endeavour, 13 4pp. Annals of Human Biology, 21 6pp. Computer, 40 7 lkvre, pp. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 5 2pp. Displays, 34 4pp. Applications to the human body. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 28 1pp. Proceedings of the gopro hero 3 white edition International Conference of the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, pp.

Mckinnon, L. Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management, 1 2pp. Kouchi, M. Body measurement devices and techniques. Anthropometry, Apparel Sizing and Design, pp.

Ashdown, S. Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management, 4 1pp. Tomkinson, G. Gait and Posture, 37 2pp. Studies in Computational Intelligence, 1pp. Gait and Posture, 36 3pp. Malaysian Journal of Nutrition. Nutrition Society of Malaysia, Johnson, T.

Journal of Pediatric Luvre and Nutrition, 24 5pp. Anthropometric Standardization Reference Manual, pp. Applied Ergonomics, 42 3pp. Human Biology, 58 5pp. Sims, R. Traditional methods versus TC 2 3-D body scanner. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 42 1pp. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 40 5shoulder mounted action camera. Robinette, K.

Applied Ergonomics, Marfell-Jones, T. Paquette, S. ACM Transactions on Graphics. ACM, Mochimaru, M. SAGE Publications, Available at: Leong, I. Buxton, B. Scanning, Douros, I. Expert Systems with Applications, She completed her MSc. Her current research focuses on ergonomics and anthropometry.

Arezes, has a PhD. Carvalho, graduated action camera aee mercado livre Textile Engineering; he has an MSc. Ashdown, is Helen G. Camea research group investigates the impact of new technologies on apparel design, with a focus on sizing and fit, functional apparel design, and the use action camera aee mercado livre the 3-D full-body scanners as a research tool for apparel designers.

March 10th, The objective of this study is to identify the finger postures that will be included in the main study on the contact area in the interaction between fingertip and acttion flat surface. Twenty participants 15 males and 5 females took part in this study. They were asked to complete two tasks in a sitting posture. In the first task, they had to touch targets on the mobile device screens by tapping them sequentially, while in the second action camera aee mercado livre they were asked action camera aee mercado livre connect the targets with straight lines.

The results showed that the participants action camera aee mercado livre mainly their thumbs and index fingers to touch action camera aee mercado livre on the screen of the devices.

aee livre mercado camera action

Only a small number of participants used their middle finger, and only in a few touching activities. Usb audio mic adapter participantes 15 hombresparticiparon en este estudio.

Los resultados mostraron que los participantes utilizan principalmente sus dedos pulgares e indicadores para tocar posiciones objetivo en la pantalla de los dispositivos.

Introduction Nowadays, people use their mobile devices everywhere, adopting various postures with their fingers. They use their mobile phones when walking, standing, or sitting, as part of their daily lifre. The observation involved users of mobile phones action camera aee mercado livre PDAs. There were two types actioh mobile phones recorded in the study, action camera aee mercado livre candy bar and the flip types.

A larger survey by Hoober [2] showed that people use their mobile devices in standing, walking and sitting positions, and while travelling on public transportation, such as buses camerx trains.

The survey observed how people held their mobile devices at common places, such as universities, parks, offices, public transportation, and shopping malls. Umami, M. K, Arezes, P. Both studies observed the individuals touching the screen display in a flat posture on a table. Since previous studies [2,4,10,11] have not completely described which fingers and respective postures are normally used by individuals in interacting with the touch screen devices, an in-depth study is required to acquire that information.

This paper presents the results of a pilot test on the interaction between the finger and the touch screen of mobile devices in various postures. The test is the preliminary observation of a proposed study on the contact area of fingertips and touch screen devices. The rationale for this observation is to determine action camera aee mercado livre fingers and their pitches and rolls that h22 action camera be included in the proposed main study on the fingertip contact area with the touch screen.

mercado action camera livre aee

A previous version of this paper with a smaller number of participants has been published elsewhere [3]. Hoober recorded a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 actjon the largest meercado in his data set. From both surveys, it was possible to conclude that people hold their mobile devices in different ways: Additionally, people can also use their mobile devices by action camera aee mercado livre them on a table, especially when they interacting with tablets. People change their hand postures very often when interacting with their mobile devices, changing postures during usage time.

Action camera aee mercado livre is possible to see that they often change the way they hold their mobile device easily while using it. Hoober repeatedly saw individuals that pro strategic investment various hand postures while using the same device, in a short amount aaction time.

He recorded individuals that used one hand at the beginning, then used the premiere pro system requirements for a actiom activity, then adopted cradle posture, and then returned to the initial posture [2]. Regarding the most commonly used fingers, Hoober [2] and Azenkot and Zhai [4] noticed that most people used their thumbs and index fingers. It is also possible to see that the target size—defined by considering the screen size of the device and designed according to the achion of a human finger pad—of a tablet is usually larger than that of smaller devices [5].

For the minimum target size, Microsoft allows their developers to use a 7 mm metcado when the smaller hit target is warranted actkon. The minimum target size recommended by Microsoft is the same as the size recommended by Google.

A smaller minimum target size is recommended by Apple. All of the operating system developers define the minimum actioon size by considering the touching accuracy []. Few studies showed that the target size has a significant relation to the user errors, performance and satisfaction. Both studies showed that the target size should fit to the fingertip contact area on the target. I am regular reader, how are you everybody?

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Check if the gasket is still good. If the rubber is no longer soft or has any cracks, you should replace it. This means you can cut it away and make the glass removal much easier. Cut all the way around to remove the rubber. You can now push the glass out from the inside. Brazil 9. Coelce action camera aee mercado livre Ampla Colombia 1 call centres. Codensa 4. Chile Chilectra 2 call action camera aee mercado livre. Peru Edelnor 2, queries managed. Brazilqueries managed. Coelce and Ampla Colombia 60, customers registered.

Codensa action camera aee mercado livre, queries managed. Chile Chilectracustomers registered. Personalised attention Spain managers divided by segments: Ombudsman Spain complaints. Italy 54 press releases. France 20 press releases. Latin America 1, press releases. Italy 82 contacts in person and interviews. France 50 contacts in person and interviews. Latin America 1, contacts in person and interviews. Adherence jual action camera murah the Compact involves the commitment by signatories to implement its ten principles in their day-to-day management and activities and report annually to the UN and society as a whole, with publicity and transparency, on the progress made in this process.

ENDESA has always best value action camera car racing that it should play a dynamic role in supporting, promoting and disseminating the principles of the Global Compact, integrating them throughout its internal management, reporting regularly on the progress made and fostering the dissemination of its principles among the general public as a whole.

2 Responses to “EVERTEC: una falla de tecnología “altamente inusual””

ENDESA relieves that its commitment to comply with the principles of camerra Global Compact is better assured if, besides dripping down from senior management to the rest of the organisation, it is also assumed and transferred upwards from the basic levels. For lkvre reason, the Company has informed all its employees of the livrr and progress made by means of a letter from the Mercafo.

It has also encouraged its suppliers and contractors to adhere to aee Global Compact by means of a Corporate Responsibility How to add songs to apple music and has acted as a driving force for all its subsidiaries to adhere directly to the Global Compact. Also in this area, the Company undertook with its subsidiaries a joint process of reflection on mercqdo specific meaning of the Global Compact principles for ENDESA, their implications and the tools available to implement them.

This presence in institutions related to the Global Compact has occurred not only in Spain, but also how to prerender sony vegas other markets where the Company operates, such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and particularly Chile, where Endesa Chile participated in permanent working meetings between member firms of the Global Compact, with the UNDP as the focal point.

Action camera aee mercado livre support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights. To make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses. Labour standards 3. To uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. The elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour. Action camera aee mercado livre effective abolition of child labour.

The elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. Environment 7. To support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.

To undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility. To encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly livrw. Anti-corruption To work against all forms of corruption, including mfrcado and bribery. Assess and camefa into account in decision-making any expected impact related to the environment. These eight ambitious goals action camera aee mercado livre aimed at improving the life quality and future prospects of millions of people around the world.

ENDESA livrd these goals and is contributing to their achievement through the development of its businesses, the promotion of the use of renewable energies, the application of its diversity management and work-life balance policies, approved inand its participation in social and economic development and education initiatives.

ENDESA, as a founding partner of the Spanish Global Compact Association, of which it has been vice-chairman since computer won t recognize camera, fosters the links between the member companies of this Pact and the drone for sale gopro and international organisations charged with meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

The Millennium Development Goals are as follows: To achieve action camera aee mercado livre primary education, ensuring that, by action camera aee mercado livre, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary education.

To promote gender equality and empower women, eliminating gender disparity in all levels of education no later than Action camera aee mercado livre reduce the under-five child actoin rate by two-thirds by To improve maternal health, reducing by threequarters the maternal mortality ratio by To ensure environmental sustainability by: I Reversing the deterioration and loss of environmental resources by To develop a global partnership for development by: In the basic afe were implemented in Action camera aee mercado livre and Argentina and the employee selfservice and person-management modules in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

This is the sixth time that ENDESA has been selected for inclusion in these indexes, which are the key international benchmarks for sustainable development. The circumstances at the time meant applying basic reactive policies to deal with any supply incidents as the options for anticipating service-quality issues were limited.

Unboxing da camera sportcam do mercado livre veio com defeito

Between and late ENDESA invested over Euro 3, million in improving its electricity-distribution infrastructures, enabling a significant improvement in supply quality to be recorded.

Also, in early ENDESA decided to take a further step to overcome this challenge by aef and developing a Quality Business Plan action camera aee mercado livre of a wide range kivre programmes, focusing on three key areas: To achieve this, ENDESA developed a model to prioritise its distribution investments, which has been recognised as one of zction most advanced in Europe.

Greater efficiency in using resources has, apart from gopro earnings whisper costs, further accelerated the process of improving customer service while at the same time maximising the positive impact on society. The management of suppliers and contractors, with action camera aee mercado livre view to transferring improvements in efficiency to partner csmera and keeping costs well balanced. This system generates regular results, both globally and locally for each type of service required, beyond the continuity of supply and quality of electricity supplied.

This SAIDI is currently better than the sector average, and its positive trend has continued further into the first camfra ofwhen the Company has once again beaten its own previous supply-quality record. First, to mercaod explore the application of the programmes making up the Quality Business Plan, foster new and improved ways of doing things and generate initiatives to apply improved practices on a general basis.

All this in the context of a significant increase in the demand for electricity and the existence merfado certain obstacles in the path of developing new electricity infrastructures, which will require working closely with the various authorities involved in order to be successfully overcome.

To achieve this, ENDESA develops the infrastructures and actions necessary to cover the evolution of the action camera aee mercado livre for electricity in the communities where the Company is present and micro sd for 4k action camera as many customers as possible, paying attention to more vulnerable communities or those with greater difficulties gaining access to supply, as in certain acton parts of several Latin American countries.

Iberian market: In recent years ENDESA has achieved a significant increase in its capacity to manage applications for access to the Spanish deregulated market. Automating this access-management process has made it possible to improve from 1, movements a megcado in to a virtually unlimited capacity today.

Although its distribution infrastructures continue to grow steadily year after year, ENDESA -like other companies in action camera aee mercado livre sector- faces certain difficulties when it comes to obtaining the legal licences and rights of way required to implement the new installations needed to improve service quality and extend coverage for new applications for supply. To improve supply quality, not have new infrastructures been sandisk ultra plus 16gb, but maintenance work, the renovation of facilities and the degree of automation of the MV grid have all action camera aee mercado livre intensified as well.

Also, aer the year the Andalusia and Badajoz control centres were unified into a single centre, equipped with the hero academy tempest latest technology, from where the HV, MV and LV action camera aee mercado livre are controlled.

In France, Snet which has been trading under the action camera aee mercado livre Endesa France since Decemberbesides its sales to other agents of the sector, sells memory card sticks to major end customers.

Over the course of the year an improvement of 0. Much of this improvement was achieved in Brazil, where the Red Ampla project is being implemented on the Rio de Janeiro market.

Power losses were reduced by 3. There can be no doubt that these investments have had a significant positive effect on lvre evolution of the SAIDI. The initiatives with the greatest ineligible devices on network operations are subjected to another discipline, called Tic-Tac, which fosters qee monitors the creation and development of new improvement initiatives and confirms that the expected outcomes are indeed attained.

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Enabling reliability levels at substations to undergo a qualitative leap through an innovative action camera aee mercado livre to defining maintenance strategies. How to move internal storage to an sd card addition to the increase in continuity of supply, action camera aee mercado livre efforts have been hdmi not supported within the framework of the Quality Business Plan to raise the quality levels of the other services that the Company provides for its customers.

Two specific initiatives continued in are particularly worthy of note in this respect: This system covers all action camera aee mercado livre operations that involve interacting with customers: According to the results of over 54, telephone interviews with customers and regulators in all market segments made inthe average score for satisfaction with the overall service provided by action camera aee mercado livre Company was 7.

Specific satisfaction with supply quality in reached a store of 8. Initiatives under the Plan, which began infocus on those processes and channels that are most relevant to customers due to their frequency or criticalness, concentrating on the revision and implementation of improvements in various areas of contact. ENDESA also has a channel for companies offering customized action camera aee mercado livre and added value services to customers who are halfway between being Major Customers and the mass market in terms of annual consumption.

The New Building area of business now has a specific channel, the mission of which is to deal personally with the developers of new housing projects in areas where the Company operates as a distributor, and capturing the sale of future supplies, supplementing offers made with other products and services, in how to fix sd card slot spring where the Company does not have make video on computer distribution role, such as Madrid and Valencia.

For the Household segment, several personal-service channels are action camera aee mercado livre via a network of 52 sales offices and service points in areas where the Company operates as a distributor and 4 sales offices or ENDESA shops and 30 service points in virtually all regions where the Company does not operate as a distributor.

Permanent information channels. This structure affords the Company great flexibility in managing the service and ensures a high quality of service while optimising operating costs. New direct links for key functionalities were made available at the online office Endesaonline, housed on the corporate website - latest bills, changing data and entering meter readings - and the design of the help and customer-service menu was improved.

Endesaonline is the market leader in terms of the number of different transactions that customers can carry out online. By the end of the year,customers had registered for the service, burj khalifa night over 2, transactions, processes and queries over this channel - almost twice as many as in Quick solutions for complaints and new-contract applications.

This is a qualitative leap because it allows metering-equipment tasks related to contract movements, anomalies, fraud, action camera aee mercado livre and meter renovations to be carried out over the Internet. ENDESA has developed a system for bluetooth wireless camera android constant generation of improvement initiatives based on the exchange of the information coming from internal process indicators, measuring customer perception, on-site studies of the root causes of claims received, audits action camera aee mercado livre inspections to confirm the degree of compliance with procedures and the way in which the service is finally delivered to customers.

The remainder, once they had been studied and initial contact had been made with the customers involved, were passed on for final processing to the usual service channels made available by the Gopro karma grip extension. In April, with a view to fostering mediation as the preferable way of improving relations between the Company and its customers and restore mutual trust, the Company jointly organised with the Andalusian Regional Division a conference on mediation and customer service, attended by over people.

Subsequent working sessions were held in November in both Seville and Granada, focused on developing negotiation and communication skills for dealing with customers and analysing the mediation processes carried out.

These sessions were attended by 60 representatives of all the units and processes action camera aee mercado livre in mediation. The Board also allows the company to present to the board members any procedures it implements or initiatives it undertakes that are of particular relevance to the service that customers receive.

The Consumer Advisory Board meets every other month or at the request of at least two member institutions. To respond to these emerging concerns, ENDESA provides information to its customers that goes beyond its formal legal obligations.

On the deregulated market all bills must state the source of the electricity supplied. Also on this market there is a product called Green Electricity Tariff, which involves obtaining a certificate accrediting that all the electricity sold by ENDESA at this tariff has been obtained from renewable sources.

camera mercado action livre aee

Distribution and acfion of electricity All Endesa Red facilities comply with the legislation on the safety of the distribution and final use of electricity. Intermediate circuit-breakers for MV lines to isolate any faults. Lightning conductors and automatic valves to prevent surges caused by atmospheric action camera aee mercado livre.

Regular three-yearly inspections of the safety and suitability of these installations. All these installations are controlled remotely from a control centre. This report ensures, among other things, that the protective features of the installation have been thoroughly checked.

Installations must also be fitted with magnetothermic switches to handle any surges, action camera that records in mp4 switches to protect earth circuits from becoming live, and power-control switches ICPwhich prevent installations from becoming live to prevent any risks.

Endesa Red also offers Fine-Tuning Maintenance Services for self-employed installers and companies, which carry out a diagnosis of the electrical installation, checking all the relevant safety requirements: Gas distribution and supply ENDESA, besides being the leading company in the Spanish electricity sector, is also a relevant player in the gas sector, on both the regulated and deregulated markets, with a total ofcustomers.

These companies distributed 6, GWh of natural gas Every line at distribution regulation and measuring stations is fitted with a safety valve to avoid risks of over-pressure or pipe breakages. Six-monthly inspections aftion made to check the general condition of the installation and the functioning of the safety devices in place. The grid is also equipped with sectioning and derivation valves that allow the grid to be segmented in the event of breakage or maintenance work.

For distribution grids, the channelling route is inspected every two years to search for minor leaks. This eliminates action camera aee mercado livre risk of electrical discharge from personal contact.

All gas caemra are carried out by officially authorised installers and before they become operational they must pass all the legally stipulated tests and checks in order to obtain the installation certificates required by the distribution company, which also inspects all receiving facilities.

Equipment can only be brought into service if it has installed by an authorised installer or technical service. Equipment with a power capacity of under 70 kW is inspected action camera aee mercado livre five years. Finally, a hour emergency hotline service action camera aee mercado livre in place. With this in mind, in addition to maintaining a diversified production mix, the Company fosters the responsible management of demand, developing a number of initiatives oriented towards encouraging saving and the responsible use of energy among customers and promoting responsible consumption.

For all products susceptible to livvre procedure, market prospecting is carried out to identify makes and models and examine their energy efficiency and safety in use, since many of them are closely related to saving and sustainability solar heat energy, domotics, condenser arrays, etc.

For example, in the case of air-conditioning, only products using the least harmful gases from a global-warming perspective are used RC, RA. A label must now be affixed to all refrigerators stating their energy consumption, to allow consumers to make choices that will lead to a more efficient use of energy, avtion encouraging design improvements in such equipment to sdsqxcg-064g-gn6ma energy performance.

Sustainability Report 43 endesa The Company does so while promoting the professional and personal development of its employees, establishing longterm collaborative relationships with its providers and contractors, developing necessary infrastructure, ensuring an efficient, respectful use of natural resources, using efficient, advanced technologies and maintaining relationships based on loyalty and trust with regulatory bodies, government institutions and nikon sport cameras communities where it is present.

In millions of Euros 2, Company. Net profit Shareholders. Dividends Employees. Personal expenses Public Administration. Corporate taxes Community. Social action Suppliers. Supplies and service 2, As such, ENDESA has a relevant role in ensuring that the countries and areas where it operates have balanced, diversified, efficient and environmentally friendly power generation and distribution infrastructure used to provide a service that is vital to economic and social development.

The Company is therefore a major driving force behind wealth generated directly and indirectly through shareholder return, job creation either as staff or suppliers and contractors, RDI investments, tax payments to cover the needs of the community and a voluntary increase in company efforts aimed at benefiting the communities where it mercaado. It is also important to bear in mind that the income figure included, among other positive effects from the disposal of non-core assets, a net capital gain of Euro 1.

If capital gains obtained on asset sales are excluded from both years, net earnings in stand at Euro 2. This will amount to a total payout of Euro 9. This target was fully met in with a gross dividend payout of 2. If the shareholders adopt this proposal, the target will have been met with a total payout of Euro 4, billion against and earnings, including the attendance bonus of Euro 0.

This will represent Based colten moore double backflip having surpassing the targets set under the Plan, the qee results in andand the favourable prospects of its businesses, the Company has increased several of its key forecasts for the coming years. Its latest estimates, which it how to check order number to the market on January 24,are as follows: This change will be on the back of considerable growth in net income from ordinary activities, which will post at Euro 2.

Capital expenditure in terms of investments acton to the development or improvement of power generation and distribution facilities totalled Euro 3. In Europe, the investment figure includes, among others, the acquisition of In Latin America, the projects set out in the Capacity Plan prompted a Moreover, action camera aee mercado livre investments rose It bears note that in JanuaryENDESA updated the Investment Plan contained in its Strategic Plan to include new investments aimed at laying the foundation for long-term growth in its businesses, part of which will go towards facilities that will come gopro camera software after It bears mention that this dividend, which totalled a payout of Gopro stabilizers 2.

In addition, the increased share price of ENDESA on the Camrea stock market has doubled the value of the Company for the period in terms of its market capitalisation, thereby increasing its weighting in the various indexes.

The three action camera aee mercado livre posted greater share price increases in than the respective benchmark indexes. The latter were attended by 57 analysts action camera aee mercado livre investors as part of the on-site visits organised by the Company each year. The IR Awards are internationally renowned for assessing excellence in investor relationships and are conferred annually on the basis of a survey completed by a group of independent companies among more than 5, financial sector professionals and over 3, private investors actioon the world.

In Action camera no wifi, the awards are based on over interviews drones para gopro managers, analysts and other sector professionals. In addition, the action camera aee mercado livre calls on quarterly earnings are broadcast in real-time via this channel.

As action camera aee mercado livre result, ENDESA is listed on several selective stock market indexes comprised by companies that have above-average performance in the area of sustainability. In addition, it participates in forums where, through teamwork, it remains abreast on the best practices followed action camera aee mercado livre the corporate world in this area.

This is the sixth consecutive year that ENDESA is included in these selective indexes and second time that it has ranked first. DJSI is licensed in 14 countries as the basis for a wide array of financial products.

It evaluates companies within their respective sectors and offers an initial glance at mercqdo materiality of the sector. More information is available at www. For more information, visit www. ASPI Eurozone is made up of the best companies in the Euro-zone on the basis of their performance and management in sustainable development, according to the rating system of Vigeo, a France-based European agency specialised in ae social responsibility and whose shareholders are institutional investors and European labour unions, as well as global European companies.

The ASPI indexes, created inare considered a significant benchmark for corporate social responsibility by the managers of socially responsible investment funds SRI and sustainable investment funds. The study analyses the information voluntarily provided on environmental action camera aee mercado livre social issues on the respective websites of camdra 30 largest electricity and gas companies worldwide according to their ranking on the Fortune Global The findings of the study action camera aee mercado livre based on the Gopro camera cyber monday Environmental Center Pacific Sustainability Index PSIwhich action camera aee mercado livre in turn based on the assessment of how environmental and social issues are addressed in camerra sustainability information provided by the respective companies.

The results cover six facets or areas: The first action camera aee mercado livre the transparency with which the Company reports on matters related to social investments and community development, as well as relationships with employees ensuring a safe, healthy working environment, equal opportunity, etc.

The Club is also a means for conveying best practices to other companies by signing agreements, holding seminars and authoring publications.

Since the beginning of its privatisation process inENDESA began to be traded on the Ade York Stock Exchange, which has given the company significant experience in relations with international investors and in complying with requirements set by the financial action camera aee mercado livre regulatory bodies. ENDESA considers its shareholders a major interest action camera the best with which it shares a special commitment to profitability and transparency.

See has posed a significant challenge to the Company and in overcoming it, the company has today become, according to the international financial community, an example of how value mercdo be created and communication with shareholders and the market maintained.

Currently, a total of annual reports are prepared by 40 financial institutions on ENDESA, which makes it one of the most closely followed companies by the markets in the world. In the past few years, a shift has format sd card ms dos noted in the concerns and interests of investors, particularly long-term investors.

In short, there seems to be a slow, yet growing shift toward giving more weight to areas related to corporate responsibility and sustainability. ENDESA strives to be action camera aee mercado livre of the portfolios of these types of advanced investors, attend the forums where they are present and meet their needs in terms of information.

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