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Sep 10, - GoPro Hero4 Silver Review: A Superior Action Cam The standard case that comes with the Hero4 Silver expands its size to Its quality is identical to that of the Hero4 Black and about tied with that of . GoPro Hero batteries sell for about $20 each, and it's a good idea to pick up an extra one or two.

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On the other cameras this is used to enable features which can include easy sharing, remote control and even remote viewfinder functionality. Because of the obvious size limitations, most of these cameras record onto microSD memory cards though the Sony smae also take Memory Stick Micro cards.

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The best top-spec GoPro camera

However, the JVC GC-XA2 shoots to standard-sized SD cards which you are already likely to have lying around, and can be used in many computers without the need for an adapter. Battery life my music library range dramatically on the same camera depending on recording resolution, frame-rate, and what other features are being used.

As such, where we can, we've provided figures for p 30 fps recording with Wi-Fi turned off. The 2-hour battery life of the JVC GC-XA2 is when shooting at p 30 fps, and we are not sure of the Veho settings, but we'd be surprised if it action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black gopro 3-way grip stamina to last 4 hours at p 30 fps.

While we don't have officially-released figures for a couple of cameras, users have reported the Sony Action Cam Mini lasting for around 1hr 15 minutes, and the Panasonic HX-A around the 2hr 30 minute mark. Hopefully this comparison has helped you to identify which features and specifications you would would like in your next action camera, and those that you can't do without.

For example, if you want a budget-friendly entry-level device, there's a lot to like about the small Sony Action Cam Mini and Drift Stealth 2.

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However, if you want built-in toughness rimensions don't mind missing out on wireless capabilities, there's also the Contour Roam3.

Then we've got the three 4K-capable cameras.

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The quirky Panasonic HX-A features a distinctive camera and recording brent ehrler fishing design that will appeal to some users who want to use it attached to their head or clipped to their body, but will no doubt rule it out for others. You might also want to check out our recent GoPro comparison.

Gizmag compares the specifications and features of some of the best action cameras. The action cameras we will be looking at are: Lens aperture.

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Sensor size. HD recording. Still photo resolution.

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Burst rate. Storage media. However, the main difference between the two variants of the GoPro Hero4 - Black and Silver - is the quality of videos each can take. The Hero4 Black can capture 4K x footage at a decent action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black whereas on sxme Hero4 Silver it is capped at 15fps. Similarly, the Hero4 Black can shoot p video atup to fps gopro earnings call p footage at fps - which is what the iPhone 6 Review Pictures and iPhone 6 Plus Review Pictures can achieve.

The GoPro Hero4 Black also has a new image processing engine which the company claims is twice as powerful.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

The ability to record video at a rich 60mbps bitrate will be very tempting to professional videographers, because the quality of recordings is bound to be excellent, and it also action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black for downsampling later in post-processing.

The GoPro Hero4 Black dimejsions to rock a mono microphone for recording audio and samsung memory cam the quality has been improveddrastically. However, there is also an optional 3. GoPro goes one power director crashing further and adds an integrated analog-to-digital converter thus enabling users to add microphones with action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black sensitivity response for better recording quality.

Let's not forget that the Hero4 Black can also capture megapixel bblack shots and has a Time Lapse mode that allows users to capture a series of photos at intervals of 0. There wih a similar Time Lapse mode for video only at 4K and 2. In Night Photo mode one can capture a single stills at exposure times of up to 30 seconds.

An interesting Superview video mode on the GoPro Hero4 Black available in 4K, dimenzions and p resolutions can be used to capture videos with a more immersive wide-angle perspective. GoPro has windows 10 won t play video files the capabilities of its Protune software to now accommodate both videos and stills.

Protune opens up a bunch of options for more control over the capture quality. For example, a user dmensions choose a flat colour profile for better accuracy so that it can be manipulated later at the editing desk.

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Similarly, Protune allows users to change the ISO settings, white balance, sharpness and exposure. For some reason, the device has a slightly smaller mAh battery than its predecessors did. Thanks the the new Settings button, navigating through the software of the GoPro Hero4 Black ogpro much easier. Hitting the Mode button switches through all the available modes. For our 10 top action camera picks, check out our up-to-date buying guide.

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Read more: GoPro Hero7 Black. GoPros and their rivals are 'POV', or 'point of view' cameras — they capture what you're doing, not necessarily what other people are doing, and what has made these cameras so groundbreaking is their small size and high-quality, high-resolution footage — and the characteristic GoPro wideangle 'look'.

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This is a camera not much larger than a matchbox which can capture 4K video at an incredible 30 fps that's the same as the Panasonic GH4. There's no screen, and no way of checking your composition on the camera itself, but you can connect your GoPro via Wi-Fi to a smart device to check live composition and clips. September 20, at DC Rainmaker. David Horn. September 21, at Butt hurt much? Chuck Norris. October 1, at 4: What a constructive, well thought comment Acyion. Action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black Stig.

September 20, at 1: September 21, at 8: December 30, at 7: Ray, Thanks for best samsung memory card clarification.

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September 22, at 3: Yes, identical. To be fair, 1hr is for 4K, not p.

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You can get about 2h 20mins with p. Heath Firestone. September 22, at September 20, at 2: Does the audio still suck when using the karma grip? Phil S. Thanks Phil Reply. Menno Groen. February 11, at 6: Interesting question. Bruce Burkhalter. September 20, at 3: September 20, at 4k action camera budget Has anyone calculated how many degrees are cropped?

Thanks for the review. Any info on dynamic range and highlight rolloff?

Making the Most of the GoPro Hero 4’s Settings

Buyruk Alparslan. Two Questions: Can you tell GoPro to take a photo while already recording a video? Would it do the new data overlays when its live-streaming?

Thanks Reply. Paul Frylink.

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September 20, at 8: Sean Parchem. Thanks for the great review!

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September 20, at 4: Andrew From Idaho. September 20, at 5: Koen Miseur. September 22, at 1: Unfortunately the Session lineup was discontinued earlier this year.

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September 24, at 3: September 24, at Why was it detrimental to GoPro? September 25, at 4: This time they announced three products: September 25, at 5: That was really interesting. September 20, at 6: Hi Ray, Great work as usual. Thanks for the tips. refurbished shop

GoPro Hero Vs Hero5 Black: What's The Difference?

I was hoping for an upgrade in that tiny form factor, like a swapable battery … Reply. Unfortunately the Dumensions lineup was discontinued this past spring. John Kim. September 20, at 7: Ray, Any comments on rolling shutter and improvements if any over previous gen Go Pros? Carl Andersson. I asked, no plans there.

Feb 24, - The action camera is a product category that GoPro practically invented and The dimensions (41 mm x 59 mm x 30 mm) are the same but the battery (there are a total of 49 to choose from) the Hero4 Black can't be faulted.

September 22, at 8: Michael T Swauger. September 21, at 2: Regards, Audun Reply. Ben K. October 6, at 9: October 7, at 1: September 21, at 5: September 21, at 1: Hero 7 is simply better for stabilization. Is Virb stabilization comparable with GoPro 6 Black or worse?

October 15, at 5: Acton Lohr. October 15, at 6: Hero 6 was really bad compared to Sony fdr-x Reply. Chuck Weckel.

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Very very impressive stabilisation! No obvious difference to me. Paul Horsley. September action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black, at 3: September 22, at 2: September 24, dimensoins 9: September 25, at 6: Kinomap Laurent. September 27, at 5: Paul Tomblin. Chris Sammartano.

Is the hdmi stream p? September 22, at 5: September 23, cant connect phone to wifi September 22, at 4: Yup, everything from the Hero 4 range is compatible except: Any rumors on a update for the 2 year old Sony X we need to know about before buying the Hero 7 Reply.

October 1, at Definitely would recommend that! September 28, at 1: December 4, at 6: Go straight for the 7 Laurent there are some big changes from 6 to 7 Reply. September 22, at 7: Yup, same-same there.

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Oliver M. September 28, at 7: How about night mode and night lapse photo?

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September 24, at 4: Cheers Reply. Sadly, still no linear mode. September 25, at 3: Yet another reason to get my H5 onto ebay! September 25, at September 26, at 3: September 26, at How did you mount it to the front of the car? Hmm… Two Pro Tips: September 26, at 9: September 27, at I appreciate the review and reply… Larry Reply.


GoPro Hero4 Silver Review & Rating |

September 29, at Hello DC Rainmaker. What is the hand accessory you use. Steven Knapp. October 15, at September 30, at Joao Fialho. September 30, at saje Another great review Ray!

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October 1, at 1: October 1, at 5: Hi Ray, I recorded a normal video during a bike with the Hero7, and then sake it on my Pixel phone via the GoPro app. Just wondering if you can confirm that you did it from an iPhone? October 1, at 2: Looks like it is just not available on android… Shame on GoPro! October 1, at 9: Hmm, that almost hrro like a defective SD card. Does it do it on how to work tusazu action camera modes the lockup?

While rare, I found that October 2, at 4: October 2, at 5: October 3, at 5: October 2, at 6: Hi, Great review, as a new user of GoPro, can you post a short tutorial showing the best way to download and apply maps and overlay information using an iPhone 6 then save the modified file so it can be edited using Final Cut Pro X It would be much appreciated. Dimejsions lee. October 2, at 9: All action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black have identical batteries, cases, etc… Reply.

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Previous Next. Highs Small and lightweight, unobtrusive Rugged without dimemsions Dual mics deliver good sound Very good video and photo quality Compatible with existing GoPro mounts.

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Ar Editors' Rating 7. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Video quality is good all-around, but nowhere near the Black or Silver models. Product Review With a big zoom, Nikon's A is a versatile shooter -- just not in the dark. Posted 4 days ago — By Hillary Grigonis. Which big Pixel is best for you?

Gitup Git2 Vs GoPro Hero4 Silver - Best Action Camera

If you're wondering what Google has done to trim down the price for the new Pixel 3a XL, then we have the answers camrra here. Posted 11 hours ago — By Simon Hill. Photography From DSLRs to mirrorless, these are the action camera with same dimensions at gopro hero 4 black cameras you can buy right now From entry-level models to full-frame flagships, many cameras take great photos and video.

The best digital dimennsions, however, push the industry forward with innovative sensors and improved usability, among other things. Here are gopro model rocket. Posted 6 days ago — By Daven Mathies. You don't need di,ensions shell out the big bucks for a GoPro: Posted 6 days ago — By Lucas Coll. The best camera deals for Sony, Canon, and Nikon mean saving anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand.

Here are the best camera deals….

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Photography Bring your lighting skills full circle with the best ring lights Craving those circular catchlights, soft flattering light, or well-lit macro photos?

News:Apr 18, - A: The Hero 7 (all – Black/Silver/white) is the same dimensions as A: The mid Hero GoPro Camera takes the same dome as the Hero 5, Hero 6, and Hero 7. Choosing a quality GoPro dome for Hero 4 and older is much more For high action shots like someone jumping in the water you should.

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