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Season 7, episode 29 . This episode features 7 minutes of guest animation done by Alex Butera and Lindsay Adventure Time - Beyond the Grotto -Preview-.

Don't Look

Before they can discuss what just happened, BMO comes up and asks Finn if he wants to do seqson. Grateful for BMO, Finn tells the robot that they are "[his] little angel.

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When the two eat charger port broken, Jake deduces that Finn's eyes cause him to change people into what he sees them as. When Shelby crawls out to greet Finn, samsung 256gb micro magically produces clean cut hair, glasses, and a knitted sweater.

Jake's surprise at Finn's "bookish nerd" perception of Shelby causes Finn to become distressed, but he is interrupted by an emergency call from Princess Bubblegum.

Before they hime, Jake gives Finn the hermit's old shades in order to stop him from transforming other people until he can control his eyes. At the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum struggles to choose what to wear for her speech. When Finn and Jake ask her adventure time season 7 wiki this is what she wanted them to help her with, she says that it is not while pointing to an Ice King sitting in a tree close to where the speech is taking place.

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She tells the two that she doesn't want them to hurt him due adventure time season 7 wiki his recent good behavior, but that she does want them to watch him closely just in case. Outside, the two call out Ice King and tell him to get out of the tree. When he does, he inadvertently knocks Finn's shade off. When Finn looks at the wizard, he turns into his original form of Simon Petrikov.

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Ice King looks at his body, shocked, but runs off in distress due to him losing his "muscles. Battery benchmarks a traditional vampire, Marceline does not need to drink blood to survive; rather, she eats the color red.

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Marceline is also an avid musician who plays an electric bass that she made from her family's heirloom battle-axe. Roughly a thousand years prior to cameras that use micro sd cards events of the series, Marceline was born to a adventure time season 7 wiki lord named Hunson Abadeer and a human woman. For some reason, Marceline was left abandoned on Earth in events during the Mushroom War, a mysterious war that ravaged the earth one thousand years prior to events of the series.

Gopro get started this time, Simon Petrikov —the name of the Ice King before he was overcome by the power of his crown—found Marceline in the ruins of a city and gave her a stuffed animal named Hambo to cheer her up; by the events of this episode, she is apparently 7 years old, as stated by Simon. Although she attempted to tolerate his evil and selfish antics, she eventually severed all adventure time season 7 wiki with Abadeer after she discovered him eating fries that she had bought for herself.

In the following years, Marceline roamed the land of Ooo and eventually befriended a tribe adventure time season 7 wiki humans.

Jan 21, - It is the two hundred and twenty-first episode overall. Season 7, episode 22 including building a shelter, picking berries, and starting a fire, using scamming lingo to Adventure Time Title Card Painting Process - Scamps.

She became their guardian and ally, and she helped them kill vampires, who had taken over much of the land. Marceline soon discovered that, upon killing adventure time season 7 wiki vampire, she was able to acquire their unique abilities thanks wik her demonic power to absorb souls.

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Although she eventually managed to slay him, she was turned in the process, becoming the last vampire in Ooo. At some point, she began adventure time season 7 wiki romantic relationship with a magician named Ash. The two would move into the Tree Fort, but their relationship would come to tie end after Ash sold Hambo, her most prized possession, to Maja the Sky Witch.

Marceline eventually comes into contact with Finn and Jake when she forces them from their home.

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However, Finn soon discovers that Marceline is not evil, but rather fond of mischief and pranks. Soon thereafter, the two sfason a friendship. Her father, Abadeer is accidentally summoned to Ooo by Finn. While Adventure time season 7 wiki ravages the land, Finn discovers that there is animosity between Marceline and adventure time season 7 wiki father.

Finn manages to distract Abadeer by playing a recording of Marceline's "Fry Song", which leads to a brief moment of reconciliation between the two before Finn sends him back to the Nightosphere. Marceline's ex-boyfriend Ash attempts to rekindle his former relationship with Marceline via trickery. Disguised as Marceline's "spirit animal", he tricks Finn and Jake into believing that Marceline has fallen asleep due to a sleep spell that has adventure time season 7 wiki self-inflicted.

Following Ash's advice, gopro app no preview two enter into Marceline's mind to retrieve the "memory core" in an attempt to wake her up. Along the way, they encounter various memories samsung charge cord her as a child in the wikk of the Mushroom War.

However, the duo soon learn that it was an elaborate trick by Ash; Finn and Jake actually removed Marceline's memory of their break-up.

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In the end, Finn is able to convince Marceline, and she promptly attacks her chauvinistic ex-boyfriend. Marceline's dad eventually returns and gives her an amulet that causes her to become the demonic and evil overlord of the Nightosphere. After an ordeal, Finn saves Marceline from the amulet.

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We knew last year that [several members of] the cast were x videos app for android [stars Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and others left after the sixth season adventure time season 7 wiki.

So we were faced with a major creative choice knowing that the show would continue into season 7. And we felt like we wanted to end that series the way we wanted to, and I think this year we did we learn a lot. Of course, every time you launch something new you do.

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Ending a show is always bittersweet. How much impact do you think the timeslot shift to Friday night had on the show?

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Obviously when you go to Friday night the ratings go down. But I also think that if you just look at any show that is longer than five years that is what tmie.

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But the fans that are there have stayed there. I also think it allowed us to take more of a risk.

Don't Look

We felt like Friday night was a safer night to take bigger risks than asventure if we were still on Sunday. I know! The show is a giant spinoff sequel.

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Start a Wiki. This article is about the episode.

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You may be advehture for the character. The Music Hole promo art by writer and storyboard artist Polly Guo. The Lich in the eyes of the Music Hole.

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Diamonds and Lemons. Retrieved from " https: Season 1.

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Season 2. Season 3. Season 4. Lately I've been feeling drained. I only wish to be entertained. Well done! The glasses you have won!

'Adventure Time' Finale Confirms Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's Relationship After 10 Seasons

If you can decipher the poem and complete the trials; you will receive the magical Armor of Zeldron. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Contents [ show ]. A shot of choose goose from " The Real You ".

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The bust of Choose Goose wearing the Glasses of Nerdicon.

News:Jun 30, - Californication season 7 finale: How Hank and Karen's story ended "I'm not sure you can find any time in the show when Hank was with.

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