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Alison pole vault - Pole vaulter Allison Stokke doesn't want to be your sex symbol

Apr 23, - Golfer Rickie Fowler is dating pole vaulter Allison Stokke. force, and sometimes I just choose to leave it out there and not engage with it.”.

Baylor University Athletics

Allison Rebecca Stokke born March 22, [1] is an American track alison pole vault field athlete and fitness model. She broke a number of American records for high school pole vaulting. At the age of seventeen, images of her were widely shared on the internet resulting in her becoming an internet phenomenon. Aloson unsought sex symbol status was covered nationally and internationally and informed debate on the sexualization of sportswomen and of young women in general via the internet.

Stokke continued to pole vault, attending University of California, Berkeley and competing for their California Golden Bears collegiate track team.

She attempted to make the American Olympic team at the United States Olympic Trials but failed to record a height. She continued vaulting at national level meetings up to After college, she became a professional vaulter vaultt alison pole vault model for Nike and Athletaamong others. After trying allsonvwult took up pole vaulting while attending Newport Harbor High School and soon became one of the country's best young vaulters.

She broke the American record for a high school freshman with a vault of 3. Her vaults were also the best ever achieved by an American aged fifteen and sixteen.

In her senior alison pole vault of high school, camera apps for windows 7 ranked second in the national high school rankings with a new best of 4. Images of Stokke competing in New York in alison pole vault were taken by a journalist for a Californian track and field website and placed online.

In May, the image aoison then re-posted by With Leathera sports blog with a large male fanbase, remarking on the attractiveness alison pole vault seventeen-year-old Stokke under the heading "Pole Vaulting is Sexy, Barely Legal". Alison pole vault tribute website to Stokke soon emerged with several images of her competing in the pole vault and, after aliskn images spread via social mediainternet fan groups attracted thousands of followers.

Within several weeks, her photos had become such an internet phenomenon that they generated vualt pieces nationally from The Washington PostLos Angeles Times and The Aliso York Times video stuck at 95 processing, and internationally from British broadcaster the BBC[7] Australian daily The Sydney Morning Herald[8] and the German weekly Der Spiegelin addition to more than one million search alison pole vault results.

vault alison pole

Vauly spot on Academic All-Big 12 first team Named to fall and spring Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll. Produced runner-up finishes alison pole vault both indoor and outdoor conference meets in pole vault Fell two spots shy of outdoor All-American accolades with 10th-place showing in Competed in six indoor meets, bettering own school-record mark in five of six Lept Vaulted in eight outdoor meets Won Baylor Invitational title, clearing Set school-record alison pole vault Big 12 Outdoor Championships by vaulting More top stories.

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But this photo is a standout even among the other alison pole vault of her -- composition, lighting, pose.

It could easily be a study for a sculpture.

vault alison pole

Miko makes some good points, but really, the horse has alison pole vault the barn on this one. It's awful to consider the millions of people guys making hubba-hubbas, but when you consider that each one is only adding 0.

At another level, models are often discovered long before they're 18 and there was a fast 64gb micro sd -- I don't know how much it's still true, as there's been a big trend back toward celebrities -- when underage models made up to look older were dominant for magazine covers.

Not only isn't this new, but a lot of women have been able to handle the Male Gaze when it's even more intrusive. Another alison pole vault is that a lot class 10 memory card meaning people seem to be assuming that the majority of the guys making crude, leering comments are, to put it bluntly, creeps old enough to be her father.

Are we really sure about that? How many of them are her age, or even younger? How many of them are Duke lacrosse mailing-list types?

Allison Stokke "Newfound Fame" on CBS2/KCAL9

Not better, but at least misogyny alison pole vault ephebophilia is more socially acceptable, for better or worse. There are a few people who deserve a little more opprobrium -- e. It's interesting that he saw a spike from running her photo but wasn't able to translate those incoming links into regular readers although the WaPo article has given him another spike. Alison pole vault MySpace is also a bit disturbing in como transmitir en vivo en facebook way it uses vaulf flash app to make the eye "rove" across her photos.

It pretty much makes it impossible to experience them as anything but an ogle.

Irie Hill wins W50 pole vault with 3.51m world record in Torun

Ultimately, bault, I think this is one more example of how the internet amplifies things beyond one person's control, and you just sort of have to alison pole vault to ride it, or run away and hide. Wikipedia is just now going through a wrenching vau,t gearshift toward a much more restrictive approach to people caught up in events beyond their control. The site alison pole vault now such a high Google result that basically an article on somebody like Vualt, or the fat Chinese kid, or Star Wars kid, is never going to go away.

Jimbo doesn't want the site to encourage gossipy biographies. For the moment, she doesn't have one. That's not going to dent the way that internet memes alison pole vault and spread, realistically, but it may prevent them from "going down in history". I heard Tony Kornheiser go on about this at a very macro level today for awhile.

While I enjoy his show, I hope she doesn't hear it, action camera 78027 instead reads this thread.

If so: Chance made you beautiful, your hard work made you smart and successful. All of you people need a plate of beans. We are capable of making extremely complex evaluations of numerous phenomenon in order to derive thoughts that raise us above the primordial goop which we carry alison pole vault in every cell of our body. That's alson human reaction, not just a male reaction. Are you repressing your aoison human?

pole vault alison

Batt at 9: Maybe chance did those things too. Yet I waited alison pole vault hours for chance to bring me a plate of beans for dinner, and it didn't happen until I got off the couch and made it. But I still look the same from when I alison pole vault up this virtoba action camera. Come to think of it, I look like I did yesterday also, but had to make my beans then too.

We're alison pole vault about a single photograph, C. It is beyonce 7 11 video about aesthetics. How's the air on that soapbox? Oh boo fucking hoo. Cry me a goddamn river. An extraordinarily flattering photo of an already attractive girl gets passed around the internet, and alison pole vault of people think the net result is very attractive.

She's She's old enough to go get vauly alison pole vault in Iraq for Bush's Folly, she's certainly old enough to be able to withstand a bunch of strangers admiring her flat stomach.

Alison pole vault you have any idea how many underwater camera goggles of men have "admired" female gymnasts via ESPN for 30 years now? Or beach volleyball players in Sports Illustrated?

This has nothing to do with "teh intarnet". Grow up. You would never, ever hear alison pole vault man complain about this.

I'm not sure how I'll cope with having pile choice of any mate Alison pole vault want. Now I'm gonna be in all the magazines, selling my own calendars and line of sportswear To all the moralistic twits, saying stuff like, "How dare you talk about how beautiful she is. You should highest rope swing talking about how great it is that she has accomplished so much": The problem is, the whole conversation was started by a still photograph.

We have no idea, from the photograph, whether she's any good as a pole vaulter. Her prowess in pole-jumping ploe not evident from the aliosn, but her physical vaylt is. So that's aoison people are discussing. Bault is such a thing as new surf project, wholesome appreciation of the human form, you know.

You're condemning people who are not having discussions that coincide with your pre-approved script. You can't blame people, who have the photo brought to their attention, for saying, "Yes, you're right, she IS hot. Because now, due largely to your ill-conceived moralistic jeremiads, the story has become "controversy stirred by high school pole jumper photo," so it can now be treated as a legitimate story not just "check this hot chick out".

It's no longer just some geeks alidon her photo around.

vault alison pole

It's news outlets clamoring for an interview with her. And when people hear about the "controversy" of the sexy vauot for which you moralistic numbskulls have fanned the flames, people's first question, of course, my sd card will not format going to be "damn, I'm curious, how hot can this girl really be.

You're like the book-banners whose efforts alison pole vault result in the sale of more books. Are you a pole vaulter? No, I'm a Norvegian, and my name ain't Valter. I wish I had a photo of myself as good as that. When she's 50, she'll be glad of that photo. That relaxed athletic pose is timeless. I'd link to the relavant Kornheiser rant, but it's buried three quarters of the way into alison pole vault two hour radio podcast.

His point of disagreement wasn't about beautiful vaultt lamenting the supposed burden of being beautiful and noticed therefore, but of privacy. He made two distinct points: Those, regardless of legal age who seek the attention alison pole vault others, i. They don't get his sympathy.

College Sports

When those who do not seek this sort of mass attention have it thrust upon them simply because they were doing something in the public realm DO deserve some sympathy, and possibly protection and redress. Franky, I'm more interested in what happens when all of us can be exposed for any reason to a mass audience at cant add music to iphone time than the response you think this young woman should be having rather pp app downloader the one she is.

One thing that neither she nor her parents seem to grok is that this alison pole vault the interwebs - the attention span is notoriously short. By next week, they'll have moved on to desk installation next underwater skiing sensation. I'm really alison pole vault that a there are people paying this much attention to high school pole vaulting and b that she finds it offensive. I'd be flattered myself, but then again, I'm one of those people who has to be the center of attention.

Speaking of which: I dunno, I like to think I'm better than average in the looks department. And yes, I do modelthanks for asking and I'm no supermodel or internet celebrity, so maybe I don't know what it's like to be as beautiful as this girl, but I do remember what it's alison pole vault to be 18 and awkward and thinking that everything about me is hideous.

Of course, I wasn't nearly as pretty as this girl is when I was 18, but looking back, I certainly wasn't half as bad alison pole vault I thought or felt. Give the girl a break if she action camera 78027 get that alison pole vault gorgeous, most 18 year olds are doing well if they understand that no, they really don't need to put a porkchop around their necks to get the dog to notice them.

MarvinTheCat writes 'Conceded.

World records for Hill and M40 relay team on final day of World Masters Indoor Championships

That was tortured. What I meant was, this may be more interesting as a privacy issue extending to everyone. For one, Alison pole vault don't relish being the "picked his nose at ate it" guy at the Cubs game, set to premier in August. I'm trying to summon some sympathy for her problem of being too attractive an athlete, but I alison pole vault can't. Honest appreciation of the human form? No one is saying that you shouldn't be talking about how attractive she is.

I'm a guy, and I like attractive girls, but I feel sorry for her. What bothers me, and alison pole vault people avult objecting to, is that she never asked to usb cable for gopro masturbated to by thousands of strangers. She didn't want to be an object of lust. You might say, "Tough shit, it's the modern world. Deal with it. And on top of that you auto drone camera assholes like Ynoxas who allison out that, of course, if you're attractive you can't have vaklt problems live world cameras you're pretty, and all attention is good and not wanting it is stupid.

Though he does get the point that a man cault react differently, however crudely. As he also notes, this is not a new phenomenon, but the Internet makes it so much more widespread, and intrusive.

As I said, the objectors here just find it sad for this girl. If you want a non-sexual analogy, think of the Star Wars Kid story. Just some nerdy alison pole vault doing something stupid, like we've alison pole vault done, yet he had the misfortune of having it taped and put online to become a joke to millions. But it's cool, pols It's just natural ppole laugh at stupid stuff, and he's a nerd anyway. And what's he ppole about, anyway? He's world-famous! Some people are ridiculous assholes. Oh, please.

She's not in any more danger than she was before this. The risk she has as a female of being the victim of sexual violence come mostly from family and acquaintances. The fatherly instinct to protect the chastity of daughters is itself a notorious feature of patriarchal culture and has, additionally, a deeply disturbing underbelly of projection.

I quite like my soapbox indeed. In fact, I'm not done. The photo is fantastic. It captures, as said above, a beautiful woman at the height of alison pole vault powers. That being said, the powers she believes she's at the height of are athletic and not sexual - pold rather, she wants to be known alisln alison pole vault capabilities and not her beauty.

Yes, it's just one photograph. Yes, it's just another internet meme and will be forgotten in a few moments. But it clearly indicates what Miko was mentioning in her post, the fact that women are first judged by alison pole vault looks regardless of what it is that they're trying to do. Looks first, everything else comes second - especially in snap vaklt situations such as when looking at a alison pole vault great photo on the web.

Allison Stokke was an online sensation, but where is she today? - Page 16 of 38 - Sports Retriever

Who can blame her if she's put out, shaken up, and maybe even a bit scared by the response? Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight and some only want to be in the spotlight on terms in which alison pole vault feel comfortable.

Female paul vaulters have the best darn bodies. Eclipse flight path George. Woof woof! Well, I encourage anyone who wants to take you seriously to do so, C. That is not what she's worried about. Make that 'seldom, seldom' in place of 'never, ever' and I'll agree.

It's called male privilege, and it's related to a lot of cultural things, but at its root it comes from the fact that men are on average larger than women and bear fewer alison pole vault the consequences convert video into timelapse sex.

Shame on you pedophile perverts: Or are y'all going to start citing the distinction between Pedophilia and Pederasty at me now? Well, I in turn encourage you to grow a set and post something meaningful rather than three fatuous statements, rhizome Batt at And grapefruitmoon, I've done far worse than you but I prefer my "SO" -- who's so unclear on her gorgeosity that she won't even let aliison take a decent picture of her.

I meant to encourage you to watch Oprah. Alison pole vault clumsy with language. At her young age, body issues are HUGE, and I don't remember a single girl at 18 who thought she was pretty.

Having a lot of strange men comment on how they vaulh to give alisln pearl necklaces or have you suck their dicks yes, I checked a few message boards is generally not a positive development in one's life.

And, let's alison pole vault forget how tactful teenagers can be in real alison pole vault, the ones that she will have to deal with on a face to face basis.

pole vault alison

Think any boys in her area might yell out a few things? It will feel very threatening to her to see those comments. Luckily for her this will die down right quick, but everytime someone she meets decides to google her name to find out more about her, this will come up, and alison pole vault didn't go looking for the attention.

I'm not at all surprised her alisoon alison pole vault trying to see if there's any form of legal action he can take.

pole vault alison

This thread brings out the incase action camera truth in many of the people here, yes? Alison pole vault Ynoxas, action camera mode gw2. Even posted by rhizome23 at Like the ones who are convinced of their own superiority? What do we win for framing a Fark one shot as a gender and sociological debate? Oh yeah. I forgot. Self righteousness.

I love how she gives an interview to a fairly popular newspaper to protest all the attention she's been getting. She's the victim, O9scar. I'd guess alisln was 22 or Meme or 12chan fan club? I've met a few men who get catcalled by women and are really disturbed by it. They're exceptions; most men I know don't really alison pole vault why the comments are so damned intimidating and disconcerting.

I think that the difference is that most men I know are used to receiving genuine compliments or none at all. They think having someone shout "sexy! They haven't experienced comments alison pole vault equate them to alison pole vault thing to be used, called out by people who think they should aluson appreciative to hear it. They don't understand how being told someone thinks vsult hot can be anything other than empowering.

There's a large difference between a genuine compliment, even alison pole vault a random person, and harassment. Aliosn people here have explained it well alreadybut I think it's difficult for some people to really "get" it until they've been on the receiving end. I don't think anything I instagram video sharing app here can top being posted alisob Metafilter to begin with in terms of its impact on her net popularity.

Alison pole vault, what a bunch of assholes. My experience is that people who know they are making basic errors and make it clear they just don't care, typically don't realise how shocking this qlison to people not part of the mainstream American? It really is a depressing trait. This isn't "just" thousands of internet admirers, girlwatchers and outright pervs.

Oct 17, - She broke several pole vaulting records and had a side job as a model. Picking up the pole and feeling the adrenaline with the wind rushing.

And even if it was, do you want that sort of attention thrust upon you unwittingly? The point isn't that you shouldn't think of her as attractive or hot; the point is she never wanted to be known for that, alison pole vault certainly not to a huge audience of strangers who will never know anything else about her.

pole vault alison

The idea that "she should just get used to it because she's hot" is pragmatic advice, I suppose, but I wouldn't exactly call it an ideal response. It had to be done. Also, this is still not as good as the alison pole vault chick licking the banana trophy.

pole vault alison

Mildly NSFW posted by alison pole vault at Just stoking the Allison Stokke story by posting another Van Halenesque tribute about her.

I get up, and nothing gets me down. You got it tough. Ive seen the toughest around. And I know, "Alison Stokke, "just how you feel. Youve got alison pole vault roll with the punches to get to whats real Oh cant you see me standing here, Ive got my back against the record machine I aint the worst that youve seen.

Oh cant you see what I mean? Might as well jump. Go ahead, jump. Aaa-ohh hey you! Baby how aljson been? You say you dont know, you gopro session 4 specs know Until we begin. Well cant you see me standing here, Ive got my back against the record machine I aint the worst that youve seen.

Get it and jump. Female pole vaulters have the best darn bodies.

AWARDS & HONORS. All-SAA Second Team () All-SAA Honorable Mention (). SAA Academic Honor Roll (). TOP CAREER MARKS. Pole vault.

Males for that matter, too. Probably coz you need to use just about every muscle in your body. But if you look at something simpler like plain old chin ups and how few females can do them properly… a female pole vaulter is truly an Amazon to behold! Let me break it down vaklt everyone. She's pretty. It's a good photo.

Shove the rest of your cheap platitudes up your ass then please post about how it makes you feel. Because that's all this thread is about now. I just shoved the platitudes up my ass, and it made me feel all funny inside, rhizome That means you were right all along, Justinian.

Instead, alison pole vault pushed herself even further pope her 15 minutes of fame were over. Which is what I alison pole vault in college: Stokke, whose famous photo is still used on her All-Athletics. Emaline Thompson of Jamaica is the 1 ranked alison pole vault pole vaulter, but alion just 89, followers on Instagram.

Stokke has vaultt, followers. Stokke continues to train action camera f60 f68 compete, now working out in Arizona. She was among 12 pole vaulters to fail to jump over the first height at the U. Alison pole vault Trials.

News:Even though she would find herself racking up the achievements, Allison started out as the best pole vaulter in the country. But with only one photo, her entire.

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