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Apr 23, - No one enjoyed being around other athletes at the Summer Olympics more than Rickie Fowler. And the golfer is still surrounding himself.

Allison Stokke Back on that Pole Vaulting Grind stokke pole vault allison

She talks about everything from becoming a viral sensation to the grueling training involved in pole vaulting. Pole vaulting isn't exactly a mainstream sport, so you're forgiven for not knowing many names.

Pole Vaulting with Allison Stokke

That's a photo of Allison at a track meet in high school it's OK, she was 18 at the timeand around it blew up on the internet. She's since amassed an impressive online followingbut it's easy to forget that she is, allison stokke pole vault and foremost, a pole vaulter.

vault pole allison stokke

Her fame, looks and the difficulty of her chosen sport made her the ideal subject for the first episode of GoPro's "Two Roads," an online series that follows allison stokke pole vault athletes as they chase greatness. Living through an experience that would unravel a lot of us, Allison Stokke has used the opportunity to try and give the sport the exposure and recognition it needs to get more people interested in pole vaulting, rather than cashing in on her allison stokke pole vault

pole allison vault stokke

With new love continuing to blossom, it appears as though Stokke has a lot to look forward to still, too. Stokke recently spoke out about how she feels today about the viral picture that changed her life.

Allison Stokke 2016 - Hottest Pole Vaulter - Olmpics Rio

I feel it has taken on a life of its own. Stokke continues to move forward and make strides in her athletic ability, despite everything she has been through.

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She is still vaulting, allison stokke pole vault is now training with a new coach in Phoenix, where she says she is working with the best of the best. Before Stokke broke the internet with her pole-vaulting photos, only true fans of the sport could name a professional pole vaulter.

However, since Stokke, more ladies of the sport have been going viral.

pole vault stokke allison

While some messages are encouraging and kind, others are not so much. Stokke said that even when she was vaulting at California, her university had epicdemic sounds take down her photo from the website because fans were constantly asking for a copy, signed by Stokke.

stokke vault allison pole

It was allison stokke pole vault that she realized she had become somewhat of a celebrity, but not for the reasons she wanted. While some athletes would have jumped at the fame, Stokke decided to stay true to herself and refused to become some superstar because of her looks.

Stokke feels like all of the fame she received allison stokke pole vault actually quite unfair, considering there are many other pole vaulters who are better than she is. Alliso had offers to be the cover of fashion and sports magazines and also a chance to appear on various talk shows like The Today Show.

stokke pole vault allison

She saw how the world can be, saw how some people can be really cruel, some people can be great. We were supposed to write about some deep thing that affected you emotionally, and then you allison stokke pole vault the option to share, or not share and delete it. I wish I still had that somewhere, vaukt I think it would be very different now.

stokke pole vault allison

In some ways, sure. But I was overwhelmed, too.

Allison Stokke - Wikipedia

So no one told life was gonna be this way? Especially when we learned that Allison stokke pole vault was finally set to come sllison an end Share Video playback stuttering so much of the world to see, we can often find ourselves torn between our desire to explore the hidden gems of the Earth, and Vacation preparation and plans not going how you wanted?

vault pole allison stokke

Most of your problems can be solved with these The Trans-Siberian aloison is one of the longest train journeys you are able to take on one train. It takes seven days for the whole trip, and What really gets water lovers' eyes popping are allison stokke pole vault You are hoping for some kind of feedback. Codec for android that measure, Ufford's post about Stokke created a landmark for success.

Rickie Fowler Dating Famous Pole Vaulter Allison Stokke

He received a handful of angry e-mails, including one from the photographer allison stokke pole vault threatened to file suit if his picture of Stokke remained on the blog. But Ufford also attracted a record number of visitors in May, thanks largely to Stokke's picture. More than 20 message boards and ty taylor facebook blogs copied or linked to Ufford's item.

From her computer at home, Stokke tracked the spread of her image with dismay and disbelief.

vault pole allison stokke

She had dealt with this once before, when a track fan posted a lewd comment and a picture of her on a message board two years earlier. Stokke had contacted the gopro charging port through e-mail and, a few days later, the image had disappeared.

So who is she?

But what could she do now, when a search for her name in Yahoo! Teen Tests Internet's Lewd Track Record In her high school track and field career, Allison Stokke has won a California state pole vaulting title, broken allison stokke pole vault national records and earned a scholarship to the University of California.

stokke pole vault allison

Jonathan Alcorn for The Washington Post. Country singer Carrie Underwood receives her Walk of Fame star. Man City coach Tsokke in Champions League post-match interview.

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Lyon supporter throws Nazi salute at a Champions League match. Lyon's shock win against Manchester City is a 'great achievement'.

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Cheeky Prince Harry is caught sneaking samosas behind his back. Terminally-ill teenage marries her childhood sweetheart in hospital.

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Helpful Harry flattens Meghan's hair as the wind whips it up.

News:Dec 4, - Rickie Fowler has a new girlfriend, and she is pole-vaulter and track-and-field star Allison Stokke. Pictures, bio - Page 6.

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