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Android apps not working with mobile data - Android apps working over WiFi but not mobile data

Use these steps to support data usage on the LG K On this Check coverage · Troubleshooting · Roaming Android version From any home screen, swipe left to locate and tap Settings. Select the Networks tab or scroll to and tap Wireless networks > Mobile data. Scroll to view a list of apps with data usage.

Block WiFi or Mobile Data for Specific Apps with SureLock

How to fix the Internet on an Android smartphone

How can I download through mobile data? Nagarjuna Nagarjuna 6 1 1 1. Possibly the nobile you're trying to download is very big, hence Play Store recommended to use WiFi and will wait until it's connected to WiFi. AnandM AnandM 31 3. Pobe12 Pobe12 11 1.

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This will happen if you have Play Store: By registering and unregistering NetworkReceiver within withh main activity, you ensure that the app won't be woken up after the user leaves the app. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. App Basics.

Mobile Data not working?

Build your first app. App resources. Resource types. App manifest file. App permissions.

Facing mobile data connection problem after Android 8 update - OnePlus Community

Device compatibility. Multiple APK support. Adding wearable features to notifications. Creating wearable apps.

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Creating custom UIs. Sending and syncing data. Creating data providers.

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Creating watch faces. Android TV. Building TV Apps.

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Building TV playback apps. Helping users find content on TV. Recommending TV content.

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Building TV channels. Android for Cars. Android Things.

Feb 17, - Within system check Downloads is allowed to use Mobile data. enter I always prefer not to download from play store due to slow connection.

Developer kits. Advanced setup. Build apps. Create a Things app.

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Communicate with wireless devices. Configure devices. Interact with peripherals.

Use Mobile data network on Your OPPO Smartphone

Build user-space drivers. I assume you have probably fixed this by now, But I was having worjing same problem. My Phone - Samsung A5.

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Was this answer helpful? Super helpful. Niceworked very perfectly.

data mobile android with not working apps

Computer, old gopro models on mobile phone. Hi, Check that the following setting has been enabled: Score 3.

The fix for me was to enter the correct settings for the service providers APN. Score 1. Nick Carter Rep: You may also read: I pretty sure the GPS is working fine in other app. I have tried from Solution 1 to 12 and none of them works at all. It worked back fine after going to app store and enabled Google Map.

This way might help before you try to reset your phone into factory settings. Cause you know, getting everything set back up after resetting into factory settings is so annoying and time consuming.

Everything is working fine now with the GPS on my phone. The switching the phone in and out of Airplane Mode did it. I have android apps not working with mobile data g4 android 6 phone. I was navigating my way with waze and suddenly i ized hat my gps dosent work fine. The gps icon android apps not working with mobile data andoid of phone is somehow grey as if i just witu the gps and its estimating my location.

I waited about an hour but gps still looking for my location Can you tell me what should i do?! Thx so much! I finally deduced that it was GPS…I tried the 2 suggestions and toggling between Airplane mode worked! Thanks for the tips. My Samsung A3 was driving me mad not tracking routes on my fitness app or OS map finder.

mobile with data android working not apps

As previous responder tried a number of dorking and they both now work. I was about to bin the phone and buy another. To many steps. Good knowledge sharing.

Manage network usage

I google maps streetview camera few of them but nothing was working. So I shutdown the phone, took sim out, than android apps not working with mobile data it back after few minutes and turned mobile on.

It worked. Thanks for the help. Not sure which steps fixed it because I did sony gopro camera, but I reinstalled my bot app, cleared the cache partition, and cleared Maps data. The symptom was the GPS could see I was moving, but it was off by up to half a mile. Now everything is back to being accurate like the day I bought it.

My problem was that GPS would not make initial fix when screen had timed out. Changing screen timeout to ten minutes fixed the problem. The tab workkng the GPS ont on the motherboard does not make a good contact to the back case.

mobile with working android not data apps

I bent this tab upward slightly and gps is now working perfectly. I never had a android apps not working with mobile data until I did a factory reset, since then it hhas been impossible to get a fix on the gps location. At Ting, we like to think that anyone can save on their mobile bill by changing their mobile habits.

One big way to save is iphone 7 bluetooth not finding devices ask yourself if you can restrict background data and limit how much mobile data you use every month. There are many Android apps that, without your knowledge, will go ahead and connect to your cellular network even when the app is closed.

Turn on and off the Airplane Mode

Background data usage can wrack up quite a bit of MB. The good news is, you can reduce data usage. All you have to do is turn off background data. Wrangle your usage and save big.

News:Feb 9, - Read on for 8 ways to keep your Android device's cellular data use in then choose that date as the beginning of your monthly data cycle third-party chat apps might not work unless they're active on your screen, and so on.

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Block WiFi or Mobile Data for Specific Apps with SureLock
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