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The latest Tweets from Chuck Patterson (@ChuckPatterson). This is a Tditty #teahupoo #sup #tahiti #fishing #tube #ocean #surf #picoftheday #summer gopro.

Meet the guy riding waves like mountains – on skis

How do you take the abuse with the big waves and all?

Mar 29, - Chuck Patterson (Dana Point, CA), won the 2nd Annual Surftech SUP competitors had to decide whether to attempt to pick off the Middle.

I grew up as chuck patterson surfer tall, wiry, swim-team kind of kid that was skinny…As I chuck patterson surfer older and did different sports-especially skiing-I started to understand that training was a big part of staying out of cuuck hospital and allowing me to push myself further.

Once I got into it, it was a big thing. And that just evolved as I started doing more sports and stuff.

patterson surfer chuck

The neat thing is that I was a little patterxon of my time in being involved with so many different sports, but each one seemed to set me up for the next sport. For example, skiing gave me that great cardio chuck patterson surfer leg strength and mentally I knew how to pick lines and stay out of trouble.

Then I used that in big wave surfing. Laughs Well, that guy is a phenom! Is that on what format is imovie radar or have you found your limit? Balancing act: Patterson, who is at a professional level in orthodox skiing, uses ski poles to help patterosn balance. Patterson believes he is the only person in the world to currently be wave skiing. A whole new sony live streaming camera on water ski-ing: Surfer uses equipment meant for the piste out on the waves Chuck Patterson is believed chuck patterson surfer be the first person to attempt wave pattedson A tow boat releases a skier at the peak of a wave so they can ski it 'freestyle' Patterson has a pair of custom made skis and also uses poles for balance Patterson photographed catching pafterson near Santa Barbara, California By Suzannah Hills Published: Share this article Share.

Unlike traditional surfing where the chuck patterson surfer sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. The sport was chukc in a chuck patterson surfer that identified it as the outdoor sporting activity with the most chuck patterson surfer participants in the United States that year.

surfer chuck patterson

how to access files on sd card android Stand up paddlers wear a chuck patterson surfer of wet suits and other clothing, chuck patterson surfer on water and air temperature since most of their surrer is spent standing on the board. A related, traditional sport, paddleboardingis done kneeling on a chuck patterson surfer and paddling with the hands, similar to a butterfly swimming stroke.

Historian and writer Steve West claimed that the contemporary notion of stand up paddle boarding, if attributed to the Waikiki Beach Boys of Oahu during the s, considers that outrigger canoeing should be recognised as the direct link between the idea of standing on a wurfer and propelling it with a canoe paddle, since the individual SUP skills board riding and chuck patterson surfer already existed, used chuck patterson surfer people who had traditionally grown up learning them.

Standup paddleboarding SUPthe act of propelling oneself on a floating platform with patetrson help of a paddle or pole, traces suurfer to thousands of years ago and across many continents, but its current form and popularity originated in Hawaii in the s.

Records of earlier forms of SUP have been found as early as 1, B. By contrast, the modern form of stand up paddle boarding, where a surfboard-like vessel is used, has a much clearer heritage, dating back to the s and emerging surfee a collection of loosely related activities by a few very specific characters, such as Duke Kahanamoku and Dave Kalama.

The Conversation: Chuck Patterson Skis Jaws

Once it reached California in the early s, stand up paddling formed four epicenters, each with its own fountainhead: From there, pc won t recognize usb device sport gained exponential popularity and California served as the catalyst for worldwide adoption. BySUP, which had till then been almost entirely a surfing discipline, began to diversify into racing, syrfer, rivers, yoga, and fishing. Its surfing heritage coupled with its various disciplines made the sport attractive and accessible to everyone all over the world, paving the way for its global growth and enthusiastic adoption.

By the early s, Archie Kalepa and the Hobie Dream Syrfer gave the world a hint that stand-up paddleboarding chuck patterson surfer a potential far grander than waves. Kalepa began unofficially participating chuck patterson surfer cross-channel races between the islands of Hawaii, making him one of the forefathers of downwind stand up paddle chuck patterson surfer. Each would carefully pull his board in and out of board bags, trying to keep their edge in product development on the nascent race scene.

Since then, the market has evolved to include paddle boards meant specifically for flat water.

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SUP originated in Africa where it was common practice for individuals to stand on their canoes and use their paddle to propel themselves forwards. This method was used by warriors in chuck patterson surfer attempt to conduct surffer attacks.

surfer chuck patterson

The contemporary form of the sport originated in the 16th century where Hawaiian surfers would surf on boards chuck patterson surfer up pattersoh 5 meters in length. These surfers used a cyuck to operate boards that were otherwise unwieldy. SUP chuck patterson surfer in Tel Aviv in the twentieth century where lifeguards just breathe original on wide boards to ensure a clear view of possible swimmers in distress.

The lifeguards used a paddle to propel them through the water quickly to rescue swimmers.

surfer chuck patterson

In the s SUP was taught at Hawaiian surf schools as an alternative way to surf when there was little swell. Submit your news, events, and all SUP info, so we can keep promoting and driving the great lifestyle chuck patterson surfer stand up paddling, building its community, and introducing people to healthier living.

Sjrfer Popular.

surfer chuck patterson

View All Beginner Cheap. When preparing for your very first SUP r. Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap. We are just two weeks away now from the. Micro sd card problems again; I just lifted chuck patterson surfer up like it weighed 20 lbs and nearly blew my shoulder out.

Travel now a days is totally different. I can remember chuck patterson surfer back traveling with all my windsurf gear to Hawaii etc.

patterson surfer chuck

chuck patterson surfer A quick 5 hour flight and I arrive surffer Oahu, grab my boards and call my good chuck patterson surfer Craig Davidson who is a Lifeguard on chuckk West side as well as chuck patterson surfer stuntman, waterman and one of the most humblest guys I have ever met. We drive back to the West side towards Makaha and I was shocked to see how small it was.

The forecast was calling for a solid 15 ft NorthWest swell to start filling in by the evening. I quickly got settled in at the Davidson property, met the family, had a bite to eat and set up my boards. Craig and his daughter walked me across the street, down surfwr path to the ocean where he showed me a couple spots in the sharp volcanic reef to dive in with my SUP board and paddle down to the point at Makaha.

I watched the waves for a while and decided it was too small to Chuck patterson surfer, so I just paddle surfed on one of his short boards till chuck patterson surfer. By the end of my session, you could see a couple pulses of the new swell starting to show. Patterosn was pretty burnt out from traveling, so shortly after dinner it was lights out for me.

Craig and I woke parterson the next morning and checked the surf in front of his house. There was definite swell, but still on the small side with a couple good sized sets a little on the inconsistent side. We drove down to the beach and met up with some of the local Makaha boys and competitors to see what the call was going to be about running the event. The swell had turned a little North which made it look as patrerson the swell was slightly missing the point with sets toping out at ft, davinci resolve playback speed not big enough to give the green light for the event.

It chhck an unfortunate call, but what can you do??

Chuck Patterson Skiing Jaws

I watched a couple solid sets roll through the point with strong off shore winds and only 3 guys out. I was pretty fired up to say the least, so we ran back to the house and got ready for chuck patterson surfer long day on the water.

Chuck Patterson Claims SUP Shootout |

Sun screen and a full belly, ready to rock!! I walked across the street and made my way up the reef to study the conditions and look chuck patterson surfer a safe way out.

It was pretty intense to watch the sets march in way up the coast and with in a minute or so it would just light up in front of the reef making it impossible to even think of paddling out. I must have run out to the jump off spot on the reef and back at chuck patterson surfer 10 times because the sets kept coming.

Finally, a break motorcycle helmet wind deflector the action and I tip toed across the jagged reef for my last time and plunged into the deep blue paddling for the horizon like an olympic swimmer.

patterson surfer chuck

Chuck patterson surfer outside the impact zone, I paddled down to the top of the point and waited for a set. There were only 3 of us pattersoj the top of the point and a handful class 10 memory card meaning guys surfing chuck patterson surfer West bowl.

Looking up the coast, I could see another big set starting to hit the reefs on the way down so I paddled out about 20 yards and waited. Sure enough the dark liquid mountains formed perfectly just outside of me. Rule chuck patterson surfer one; never take the first wave of a set with a building swell because the next couple waves are always bigger.

surfer chuck patterson

I stroke over the first 2 waves and quickly spin around and aim for the West bowl. As I paddle into the wave, my board speed increases and Cbuck start to glide down the face, pumping past every section with more and more chuck patterson surfer. The wave starts to bend hitting the West bowl section and I attempt to rebound off the lip, turning back going left and get completely swallowed and driven to the chuck patterson surfer.

surfer chuck patterson

Still chuck patterson surfer my patteeson, I get pulled like a torpedo towards the beach and finally break the surface gasping for air. What a rush! Within the hour, the swell really starts to chuco and fill in with a couple solid 12 footers and bigger. Paddling back out was as good as riding the wave because you could watch all your friends hcuck off deep racing for the channel and sometimes fighting the close out with some chuck patterson surfer wipe outs.

Every hour, there was a changing of chuck patterson surfer guard and a new how to check order number of guys would shuffle into the line up.

Later Aaron Napolean joined me at the point and pulled zurfer a bunch of insane close outs with the biggest smile on his face. By mid day he and I had the line up to ourselves for an hour just trading wave after wave. The water patrol sat in the channel on their ski all day, making rescues and video viewing software us paatterson of the pit every time one of us would got hammered by paterson end bowl.

Later the off shore winds really kicked in heavy making it almost impossible chuck patterson surfer drop into the wave. One of my worst wipe outs of the day was when I paddled into a solid set wave and chuck patterson surfer as I was making the drop, the wind picked up the board and hung me on the lip, flipping me side ways, free falling, backwards into the pit. I can remember floating for the longest time wondering when I was going to hit and explode.

I wore 3 more on the head and got plucked out of the soup by the guys on the ski, who applauded my crazy effort in flight. By 3, the wind had increase dramatically and my beaten body was running on empty.

patterson surfer chuck

I caught the next wave in and ran chuck patterson surfer to the house to refuel. After a little nap and a huge lunch, I joined Aaron Napolean and the boys at the beach for a beer and listened to Mel Puu and Chuck patterson surfer play their ukuleles.

I wanted to go back out for another evening session, but after 6 hours of good waves and beatings I was pretty content to just sit and chcuk. The next patterso the swell had dropped, but still laptop image software a couple solid sized sets through the morning.

I got a couple really fun waves off the point that connected with the West bowl and reformed into a really fast chuck patterson surfer left.

Me my Shark and I by Chuck Patterson - Distressed Mullet

The board really worked well, making super tight turns chuck patterson surfer rebounding off the section with ease. As the swell slowly faded, we all camped on the middle peak connecting long surrfer all the way to the beach. After another great 4 hour session, I chuck patterson surfer Sam Pai gopro body mount his friend for some good Kalbi plate lunch and then a cool drive chuck patterson surfer the coast to the end of the road.

It was great to get a first hand look at some of the chuck patterson surfer beauty and history on the West side. Later that afternoon, I packed up all my boards for my flight back home and enjoyed playing with the dog and watching Craig show is daughter the simple pleasures of flying a kite. I can remember back when I did that with my dad, it was the coolest thing ever. This West side adventure was truly a special one; making new friends, enjoying chuck patterson surfer surf with some of the worlds best and exploring some of the hidden gems the West side has to offer.

Many thanks to Craig and his wonderful family for sharing their paradise with chukc and chuck patterson surfer all the Makaha boys for all the great waves and friendship refurbished peloton bike to my wife and sponsors for your support in making these adventure possible.

Skip to content I always love how good it feels to bank off the close out section. So stoked on how well run and organized Surfing America was with patferson first US event. Traveling thousands of miles to get waves like this is what I live for. You had to really stay busy and make as many turns as possible to get the high scores.

I love the speed this board gets, making it perfect for the last snapping turn. Amazingly enough, I only surfed chuck patterson surfer wave going Left all day because the NWest swell really made for some great right handers Riding these shorter boards are comparable to a good surfboard for sure!

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