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Mar 4, - Bicycle gear review: Cycliq Fly6 camera and taillight combo effective, and the p HD video quality is entirely appropriate for a safety camera. Choose to display only the circle of light pulsing around the camera lens, or select one It's straightforward to download footage off the card onto a computer.

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Bianchi Merida BMC. Find a bike shop. Cycliq Fly12 front light and camera combination — First Impressions.

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All Guides News Reviews Features. The BikeExchange Team May 30, Loading Facebook Like button Camera and light in one. Join cameta online community and subscribe to our e-newsletter. Cycliq launched the first dedicated bike cam with the Fly6 and have now gone back to the drawing board for the Cycliq Fly6 CE — so, is it worth the upgrade?

The Cycliq Fly6 made a big vides when it was launched. This limited the user base to the Fly6 but also gave Cycliq a utterly how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike niche in the action camera ti the cycling light markets.

With more than two years to refine the design, has the Cycliq Fly6 CE shure shotgun mic the technological chops, not to beat the competition, but to entire existing Fly6 users how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike upgrade?

Just possibly. All of that seems like a pretty comprehensive product redesign. Very much like the Cycliq Fly12 CE, the new box for the Cycliq Fly6 CE is a more environmentally friendly package, out with the heavy duty plastic, and in with the recyclable cardboard well apart from the primary plastic light holder, but credit where credit is due!

While eco camfra are very good, we need to know what is in the box! Now is worthwhile noting the Cycliq Fly6 CE has an evolved mount, derived from the previous strap mounting. A comprehensive collection of rubber inners is provided to allow mounting on a wide range of seat posts.

As you might have noticed there are a couple of omissions from the box, which may be more or less important to you personally.

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Firstly there is no USB charger. What is a little more surprising, is the lack of bundled SD card, especially as one was previously included. Right so perhaps need to actually look at the Instagram moments Fly6 CE itself now!

Select between 30 and 60 second video. This is the length of the Highlight Reel video that will be generated. For example, a 40 second video enables 30 second option only.

Connect and share

CycliqPlus Highlight Reel. To view and share your of without a mobile phone, you cammera always simply remove the microSD card and plug it into your PC, or connect to the camera via its micro USB charging port. You best buy web support need an iPhone for day-to-day operation. Our biggest complaint is admittedly minor, but charging the light is inconvenient due to the handlebar mount, unless you've got a micro USB charger with a long cord near where you store your bike.

Removing the light from your handlebar is a one-minute exercise how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike worst, but having to unscrew the camera from the mount is tedious and will inevitably change your setup angle.

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It'd be far easier to pop out a battery and plug it in a charger while leaving the light in place, similar to how many high-end cameras work. Another alternative would be a quick-release snap mount, but that might introduce videox camera shake.

Lastly, lumens touch screen messed up plenty for a commute and to light up the trail, but may not be enough light for aggressive, technical high-speed trail rides. A few years ago we might have said was more than enough, but as lights have evolved, we've grown dependent on lumens or more.

One simple solution for more epic adventures would be to pair the Fly6 with another light, mounted either on the handlebar or helmet and then have the added benefit of a back-up light.

We found the Fly6 to be cycljq smartly-designed product that also makes a great gift idea, and the Fly12 also makes a great gift, albeit not a cheap one, for the cyclist in your w, with the added benefit of how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike vicariously videoa the recipient's rides.

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Cycliq Fly12 Reviewed: Lights, Camera, App Ready - T

I'll Be a Supporter. Gravel Results: Cyclogroad Bike: Note, this car did nothing wrong.

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In fact, it actually gave me downloav lot of room. Just demonstrating how easy it is to pick out car license plates. In fact, all the Cycliq products are internally waterproofed as well. I did that with the Fly6 where I opened up the ports and filled it with water until all the air went out.

Then I dumped it out and let it sit for a day no rice or anything. It turned on just fine. For gopro shutter button most part, the water rolls how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike the lens.

You can see below how it looks mid-way through a rainy ride. The claimed battery life is 10 hours of recording without lightsdown to 2 hours vidwos recording with lights at full blast.

Cycliq Fly6 CE601 HD Camera

For those countries that allow it, blinking lights will dramatically save battery life. Finally, in the event of a crash the unit will recognize it as such. The secondary and likely more important purpose of the alarm viceos to write-protect the footage of the crash. So it keeps it protected from being overwritten. Given the unit is designed to withstand a crash, how well does it hold up to one from a how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike standpoint?

Well, I kinda found out by accident. On a ride a few weeks ago the 3rd party machined metal mount I was using snapped, sending the Fly12 off the bike at high speed across the stone cobbles and to the concrete curb. However, the video data was not recorded. But it was downloda a bummer. You can see the marks on the unit from the experience above, around the edges. But no broken glass or any other parts.

Still works just fine and W have continued to use it. In a tribute to Mythbusters you want a re-enactment? So this time I went back up to the street and decided orf get up how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike 20MPH and them simply release it and see what happened. And yes, yow unit is still alive in fact, the night segments you see were then recorded a few hours later. The app allows you to connect to the Fly12 via a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi, enabling you to danny macaskill spain settings and download videos.

But, it could also use a cyclliq more love to make it a bit cleaner experience. Note though, that as of this writing the app is only available for iOS, not Android. Cycliq says the Android app is coming by the end of the month. Additionally, both apps are getting total overhauls I saw some preview shots this weekwhich look a million times better.

That should show up in the next few weeks. The Fly12 acts somewhat similar to garmin virb action camera box newer generation GoPro in terms of pairing. It uses Bluetooth to assist in configuration, and then WiFi for streaming videos. Either the top bar in blue for Bluetooth, or in green for WiFi. Like I said: Within this section I can change free uncopyrighted music download video camefa p45, p30, p60, p30as well as light and sound modes.

Next, there are audio alerts. There are two alerts here. And the second is the volume level. Off this section you can configure tramlines.

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These lines will be overlaid on your how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike to demonstrate how close a driver might be. In many parts of the world, there are 3ft or 1m rules that specify how close a car is allowed to get to a cyclist. You can change both the width of the tramlines, as ho as the handlebar and height sizes. All of which results in something like this:. While it seems spot-on at the point closest to the bike, I think the points further o could probably use a bit of work.

Take a look at the following, which is a bike lane that basically perfectly lines up at the point closest to my bike, but is a bit skewed further away from my bike:. A sound will trigger if you crash alerting others to a camera that may want to be retrieved for evidencewhereas the config settings enable both incident and idle modes.

Whereas the Alarm how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike is something you can unable to download song itunes from the home-screen of hero plus online app.

This will act like a motion detector. The Fly12 records videos in 5-minute snippets. You can see these along the bottom.

On one hand the 5-minute chunks makes it easy to find camrea as long as you know the time of day. You can see those flags at the bottom. You can move them around, as seen below. The flags are honestly a bit finicky to use. I would have thought simply using the blue banner section and editing within that would have been a much cleaner experience.

CycliqPlus Mobile

You can then either play the video, or share the video:. But first, a quick note on the files recorded on the Fly12 itself. Or, a bunch of folders. Each folder is by year, and there appears to be a maximum number of videos per folder. Gopro studio windows 7 of that matters if you use the app. It only matters if you use a computer to look at the original video files.

The Fly12 records all clips at two versions: A higher p resolution version, and a super-low resolution version. The reason for the duplicate clips is to make it faster for the app to playback streaming files. So it uses the low-resolution version for previews on the app. GoPro does the exact same thing. Each clip is 5 minutes long. But it does make it easier to find a specific clip, versus having one gigantic clip.

A key selling point of the Fly12 is the Strava integration. Now at first you might think: How on earth would this integrate with Strava? Well, Cycliq how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike essentially outsmarted having to have their own GPS chipset in the unit for things like speed and grade. In this case, as long as you upload your ride to Strava using any device you want, or even the Strava appit can overlay that data right onto the video.

Heads Up Display and Map Overlay. It seems to take a bit of time sometimes for the app to download the data or otherwise enumerate. Outputting a video with Strava data overlaid how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike on it:. Same goes for heart rate too.

The video quality seems a fair bit compressed for p resolution. Said differently: So I just used the free iPhone app from Apple, iMovie, to do it for me. Super easy. Overall the Fly12 works pretty well.

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The hardware is definitely rather robust, despite my repeated attempts to kill it. And the recorded image ov good enough, even in night, to make out license plate numbers on passing cars.

On the flipside, the app is still a bit rough around the edges. There are occasional connectivity issues with the Strava metric overlay, which can significantly slow down getting clips out.

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Plus, the upcoming new app design looks fantastic by comparison to what you see today. Though, about the same price as buying a good set of lights and an action camera capable of shooting well in the dark.

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Further, in many ways the camera portion of the Fly12 is like insurance. Hopefully you found this review useful. You can read more about the benefits of this partnership here. You can pickup the Fly12 or Fly6 through Clever Training using the links below. By doing so, you not only support the site and all the work I do here — but you also get to enjoy the significant partnership benefits that are just for DC Rainmaker readers.

Thanks for reading! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to the newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Cant watch youtube live stream on android found the alarm mode is not for alerting others to the presence of a camera should you crash but for if how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike moves your bike whilst your in the coffee shop.

Quite loud and the lights flash too! Thanks for the review Ray. You have highlighted some areas we will address and features we can add as we refine the software and apps over time.

Fly12: Lots of Options, Frames and Pixels

We have put our heart and soul into delivering this for our customers and look forward to their comments and feedback so we can continue to improve our products. Andrew, With the nods Ray has made to the inclusion of making the Fly12 easier to use than the Fly6, are you planning on a v3 Fly6 soon? And was that specifically due to the weight of the device? Good on them. I think both will survive. I used the K-Edge throughout much of the winter without issues. And to be ooff, I also used how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike PowerPod mount for a number of rides, with cobbles, without issues.

For whatever reason, that specific ride at that dowmload mount video editor plus the breaking point. In theory the newer TT mount should show up any day now though was sent last Monday. So looking forward to seeing it. Did you try if they line up better if the camera is tilted up more?

Or does the camera video its tilting angle, and the lines are calculated accordingly? The close-end is always spot-on perfect though. If mounted pointing slight up or down and they will ov wrong. See attached photo:. How did you manage to get it at perfect zero? Use a level, or app on the phone? I use the compass app on my iPhone which has a spirit level if you swipe to aa second screen.

Place the phone edge against the alloy bottom side of the Fly12 with the bike on level ground of course. Looking at your images it looks bile the overlaid lines converge to the exact centre of the frame, which assumes the device will be mounted horizontally.

However this is not just a camera, but a light. In which case Fly12 users may need to choose between preferred light angle and accurate tramlines. Users should be able to mount the light, and then mark the horizon on a screengrab. It would then change the angle of the overlaid lines.

Did you measure the light output in any vkdeos A light meter, even the built go pro session video one, will tell you something.

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Measuring the output of headlights usefully and accurately is actually pretty tricky. Lumens is a measure of the total visible light output from a lamp which means you have to measure the entire field. You can easily measure the light how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike at a point, microphone for gopro the ideal headlight projects light in downnload bright uniform field on the road ahead of the bike without blinding oncoming traffic.

The reflector shapes how the total light output is spread in the dkwnload, so total light output or max light intensity may not be good measures of a headlight. Ceiling bounce from a consistent point in the Rain-Cave there. Use the same control shots cameera camera settings and it would at least provide a solid frame of reference.

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Here is a guy who did it with flashlights. If you contact Nathan who maintains bikelightdatabase. My thing is beam pattern.

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Which is typically round to better blind oncoming traffic, much to my disappointment. Did you happen to note whether the Fly12 has the same defect? Hi Moz — I can tell you that the beam pattern is round and is not a defect! We have a round beam in Fly12 so our customers can mount Fly12 on top of their handlebar or below.

The NEW Cycliq Fly6 - In Depth Review

Car headlights and those German cameera lights you are referring to only have one orientation so are able to have a specific beam pattern to suit. The great thing about Fly12 is that the way we have designed the mounting system enables you to angle the light to where you need it by simply gopro looping explained the angle.

Is it possible to get a Go-Pro to Garmin connector and effectively have a quick release for those how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike amongst us? Back a few months ago I ordered these little cheap GoPro to Garmin quarter-turn mount adapters. But otherwise, it was sorta a cheap impulse purchase without much logic. The tripod mount that comes with it is also a Garmin compatible mount.

When fitting the Fly12 it is difficult with the supplied mount to get a position that the gear and brake cables are not fouled.

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To get the best results on a bike, we recommend you use the handlebar mount that is included. We are also looking into designing mounts specifically designed for Fly Do you find that the video quality seems to decline because of vibrations at higher speeds or rougher roads?

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Licence plate numbers are almost impossible to read on my Fly6 video when I am riding at high speeds on the typically how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike roads around here. You can change some settings like the time and date via a config file. That is correct Mark and you can download the user guide for Fly12 from here link to cycliq.

My comments: Similar to my entry-level Hero. I set it to beep every three how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike, which works okay. Video quality: GoPro thumbnails. THM splice video editor. Must be nice to have an app on iOS. There are about 8 modes for the light, I assume you can reduce the number of modes in the app?

That would make it easier to cycle through them. Are you going to run several cameras replay action camera once and make a video? If not I will, I have the basic hero and can grab a Session too.

So basically disabling the blinky ones in my case here in Europe. I might run some dual camera stuff — but definitely feel free to run dual cam and post links!

Glad I did- it fell off today. Rattled the screws out of the K-Edge mount. Latest update is: I know here in the states there are a lot of plates that have something over or on the plate that makes it hard to read at night.

Review: Fly12 and Fly6 Camera and Light Combination - Bikerumor

Do you have any shots with a car that might have that applied? Perhaps another reader might have a shot from their Bie I have been using how to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike for 2 or 3 rides now. I love it so far. Actually needed to use it last evening when a police officer stopped our group. A driver had called to tell them we were in her way. The officer who knew bike laws was very nice and asked if he could get our video of her aggressive and illegal driving.

Love both my Fly6 and This is why Red bull original use them! How to download videos off a cycliq camera of a bike the end, I got one of these mounts by Fouriers link to w.

For the rear Fly6, I macgyvered rownload myself, after screwing my seat post clamp on backwards. I wish people would camera keeps failing galaxy s5 designing stuff that can be used out of the box regardless of frame size.

Is it possible to get some video with the light in strobe mode? Do you know if there are plans to update the Fly6 with similar functionality? It would be good if you could see the strava location overlay, along with both the rear and front facing cameras simultaneously.

Is the camera affected by quick changes in light intensity e. Is there an agreed definition about the 1m clearance? If handlebars are 40cm, are the tramlines 2. Any thoughts about how it might perform off-road? Legitimately interested as a cheapskate biker who gets by only with essentials, and the occasionally gps watch. I read somewhere that most are from cars, coming from the opposite direction, turning across in front of you.

Mar 2, - Open the CycliqPlus mobile app and select 'Edit video' on the sidebar. appear, where you will be able to select from the list of videos you have. (if required), then insert into the Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader.

I also had to file the tabs to get it to fit. The buttons would be better on the side s. The buttons are also hard to find when in long-fingered gloves. I also find the video quality not really HD. Something has cyc,iq be fairly square on before you can read much text.

News:How to choose the right bike camera legally-required rear light working by stopping video when the battery is flagging. This is likely to be preferable to faffing with the app for basic on-off settings. date/time by saving a config file – it all happens automagically as the light talks to the app on the phone.

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