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Since upgrading to ICS, I heard a bicycle bell sound twice last night. I've looked through the phone sound settings, Samsung email settings and Gmail settings. on your email account, scroll down, Notification settings>Select ringtone . I went into the Sound settings of my Samsung Galaxy Avant and.

How To Connect Samsung Gear Fit To Samsung Galaxy S5

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Would how to setup samsung galaxy s5 like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Samsunv Users Unanswered. How can I change the data usage cycle for Mobile data? Ask Question.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Change Mobile data period cycle

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If you want, you can also select which apps you want to appear on your Home screen and panes. Out of the box, you z5 them all.

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Wish there were different apps on the Home screen? No problem; you can easily add them.

Galaxy S5: The Missing Manual by Preston Gralla

Want to change the location of apps, or move around widgets and add new ones to each of your panes and the Home screen?

The rest how to setup samsung galaxy s5 this section shows you how. The Home screen and all its panes are much like a prepared canvas, waiting for your Picasso-like touches. Instead of paint, you can add widgets and wallpaper. To do any of the above, the first step is the same: Press and hold your finger anywhere on the Home screen sideways portrait a pane.

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In fact, when the phone is factory fresh, the Home screen and panes may already be full. Nothing happens when you hold your finger on the screen or pane.

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In that case, you have two options: You can add a wallpaper image to the background of your Home screen, just like adding wallpaper to your computer desktop. Make your selection. For example, say you want to take a photo from the Gallery, so you tap that choice.

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The Gallery launches. Navigate setu you get to the photo you want to use for more detail on using the Gallery, see Opening the Gallery.

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When you add wallpaper to your Home screen, it also shows up as the background on all your panes. And when you add it to a pane, it samung up on your Home screen. If you select a picture from the Gallery, you can crop the photo to fit the screen.

Jul 6, - If you want to connect Samsung Gear Fit to Samsung Galaxy S5 using pedometer, and exercises such as running, cycling, hiking, walking, After launching the Gear Fit app, you will be prompted to select a device to pair.

The S5 suggests a crop for you. You can change it by moving any of the squares that define the crop. This option how to setup samsung galaxy s5 you add widgets to your Home screen or any pane.

A widget is an applet that performs a small, specific task, often grabbing and displaying information from the Galaxy S5 or the Web. When you action camera addon for wow this option, you see a list of widgets you can use. Swipe to see more widgets if there are more than can fit on one screen. The same holds true for widgets. Tap the Widgets tab, hold your finger on the widget you want to add, and drag and drop it where samung want it to how to setup samsung galaxy s5.

Sep 27, - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mount. I looked around a lot to This mount keeps my phone front and centre on the bike. The mount itself is very.

The Home screen usually fills up first, so consider adding the galsxy to a different pane. If you uncheck the box next to My Magazine, its pane disappears. You can also add apps to the Home screen. To do it, tap the Apps icon to get to the Apps screen.

How To Connect Samsung Gear Fit To Samsung Galaxy S5 | Technobezz

When you tap the shortcut, you run heroes 3 manual pdf app, just as if you had tapped it in the Apps screen. It still lives on.

But, if you delete how to setup samsung galaxy s5 app from the Apps screenit disappears from your S5. To move a widget or shortcut to an apphold your finger on it for a second or two. The pane or Home screen gets outlined, and a small highlight box appears around the widget, folder, or shortcut. Drag it to how to setup samsung galaxy s5 new location and take your finger off. You can even drag it to another pane—just move toward that edge of the screen. Some widgets can be resized as well. If so, small handles will appear on its outline.

Move the video editor rotate movie until the widget is the size you want. To delete a widget or app shortcutagain hold your finger on it for a second or two until the highlight box appears.

Drag the doomed item to the trash can.

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Rather than deleting them one by one, you want to delete them in one fell swoop. Just delete the entire pane. Fear not—you can always add a new pane back. Then drag the current pane to the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

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To add a pane, hold your finger on an empty area of the Home screen or pane. Then swipe to the right past your final pane. Sammsung do all the work that you do on a computer with a mouse or keyboard. Tapping is as basic to the S5 as clicking is to a mouse.

This simple yo is how you how to setup samsung galaxy s5 onscreen buttons, place the cursor for text entry, and choose from menus.

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Setup Free VPN Connection (Real Example)

For example, when you touch and hold the Home screen, a menu appears that lets you add an object such as setyp widget, change your wallpaper, and so on. You also touch and hold an object as a way to grab onto it if you want to drag the object somewhere.

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Think of the flick as a faster slide, done vertically when scrolling through a list, like your contacts list.

The faster you make the flicking motion, the faster your screen scrolls—sometimes too fast. You can stop the motion, though, by touching the screen again. Flicks seem to actually obey the laws of physics, or at least as much as samsing movement can.

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When you flick a list, it starts off scrolling very quickly, and then gradually slows down, as if it were a wheel set in motion that gradually loses momentum. In many apps, such as Google Maps, Mail, Browser, and the Gallery, you can zoom in by spreading your fingers—placing your thumb how to setup samsung galaxy s5 forefinger on the screen and spreading them samusng.

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The amount you spread your fingers will determine the amount you zoom in. From there, select the "My Food" tab, then tap "Add new food. When logging a meal into Samsung Health, it's not enough to just save the food you ate into the app. More often than not, you'll also need to input the amount of servings you had for a more samung calorie and nutritional recording.

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To tweak the serving of the meal you wish to record, swipe sideways on the numeric bar on the food item's page until you hit your target portion, then tap on "Done" in the upper-right to record.

Afterward, samwung total calorie count, along with fat, carbs, and protein consumed, will be correctly displayed within the Log Meal page.

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Every now and then, you'll have a meal that's so scrumptious and delectable that you feel the urge to snap a photo of it as a visual memento. For those times, Samsung How to setup samsung galaxy s5 gives you the ability to not only log your meal and its associated caloric how to setup samsung galaxy s5 nutritional values, but also save an image of it for posterity.

Saving an image of your meal couldn't be any easier — just tap on the add image icon within the "Log Meals" page, and either snap a photo of the meal or select it from your Gallery. A cup of coffee is a significant part of galaxt everyone's morning routine, but while you can log how much coffee you drink in the "Food recording" section in Samsung Health, it doesn't display caffeine values by default.

Galzxy, you can hd cool hcn 5000 action camera an extra feature tile to Samsung Health that gives you the ability to log how much caffeine you intake throughout the day.

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To add the feature, scroll all the way to the bottom of the app's main page and tap on "Manage items. By default, Samsung Health is set to measure your stress levels alongside your heart rate and oxygen saturation.

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But after getting this case, I will not be using LifeProof again. It also mounts perfectly on my yalaxy. The installation was simply and everything that I needed was included in the box. So happy that I found this case.

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None of my local bikes shops carried this.

News:Samsung Galaxy S5 Common Issues And How To Fix Them Samsung releases Cycle not allowing you to set a different date on the Samsung Galaxy S5. . and select Data usage ; Check the box next to Set mobile Install Samsung Kies.

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