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Jul 11, - I'm trying to create multiple slow motion sections within a single slow motion video. In other words, I'd like to have slow motion video followed.

How to Choose the Right Frame Rate for Your Epic Slow Motion Sequence video make motion a slow

Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. Galaxy S9 - How do I edit Super slow motion videos?

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Last Update Date: Apr Random background music will automatically accompany the video during playback. If you want to turn off the super slow motion effect, tap.

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Drag the start bracket and the end bracket to the desired points to select xlow section to keep. Yes No. Thank you for your feedback!

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With Video Dieter, you can cut-off the unwanted part of the video by trimming, add slow or fast motions, 240 fps camera android background music and much make a video slow motion.

KineMaster is one the best slow motion video apps, which is developed for professional amateurs. The help contains an ocean of unique features that include multi-layer videos, text and images with focused trimming and envelope control.

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Apart from speed control slow motionyou can also add 3D transitions to your videos with lots make a video slow motion animation styles. Also, KineMaster provides you with a precise frame by frame trimming and an instant preview of all your edits to help you get it better.

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Slow Motion Video Maker works as real as its name by converting your videos into slow motion. This free app provides you with all the necessary tools within the app for FREE.

You can edit your videos on this app and share them on your social media sloow.

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The app creates a new video altogether that keeps the original one into its formal shape without tapering. Once you select you video, just adjust the levels of editing and slow motions to get yourself a quality slow motion video.

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Easy Slow Motion Video Maker is another slow motion camera app for Android that goes perfect for all your slow-mo needs. The app compact action camera dedicatedly made to make your slow-mo videos make a video slow motion attractive and funny. With Easy Slow Motion Video Maker, you can also make your slwo and other voice in slow motion, which adds more fun to it.

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The app is easy to use with intuitive user interface that would ease your efforts to add slow or fast motions to your videos.

This app allows you to either import a video from the Gallery or simply shoot it from the camera.

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Apart from slow motion, vjdeo app also features fancy transitions, filters and titles. Moreover, you can also stabilize, reverse your videos and equalize the sound with it.

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Soow app is recommended as a slow motion video app to download for Free. You may follow the below steps make a video slow motion use this app: Slow Motion Fast Motion is another great slow motion camera app for Android that lets you make slow and fast motion videos. Once the app is launched on your device, simply create a normal video of anything around you.

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You may also make it viddo with upto 5x motion. What sets this app apart is that it lets you create multiple slow motion videos simultaneously.

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When the necessary video on the timeline is selected, click the button on the timeline toolbar above. In a new window that opens adjust the speed of your video.

The Speed field shows the current speed value that is set to 1x by default and w to the normal speed.

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Click the button and adjust the speed value by dragging the slider. To slow down your video, drag the slider to the left. The values from 0. If your video file includes an audio track, the vieeo playback speed can also be changed according to the video stream speed action camera that shows it can be switched make a video slow motion.

How to Make Slow Motion Video (Slow Motion Video Editing Tutorial)

The Stretch option is selected by default in the Audio drop-down menu. It allows to adjust the audio track speed in accordance with the speed of your video. Choose the Motiln option to switch off the accompanying audio playback.

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Film Projectors: Movie theaters and projectors in general are still action camera best incredibly popular way to consume video, and like TV broadcasts, the frame rate should be kept to 24fps. The final things to consider mption choosing a frame rate are file size and export times.

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These two are pretty straightforward. The higher the frame rate, the more still images are packed into each second of video. More images means more information.

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More information means bigger files and longer export times. This is especially important to consider when uploading videos to online streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Screencast.

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Higher quality video is always the most desirable, but larger file sizes require better internet connections and computer hardware to stream at its highest quality. Choosing a frame rate requires some thought and if you take into consideration the four key points outlined above you should find success.

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News:How to speed up or add a slow motion effect to a video in the Create video editor. choose a desired speed from the Clip speed drop down (fast/normal/slow).

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