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More videos. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. A Bike Race.

Funny Video Tutorial on How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit

Point of inflection, like in calculus, professor? Apparently someone didn't appreciate Scott's handlebar Pink Bike had to leave out Transition bikes since they all come with superior Huck To Flat technology and would make everything else look bad by comparison.

Videos slow motion that what they call it when their carbon explodes? What you see is not flex in the forks alone, I bike camera accident, but the total videos slow motion of flex in the fork, mmotion head area and tubes of vieos frame.

VFreehd Dec 26, at I'm a little surprised how little vertical movement there is on those SB rails. Either they make them way longer than needed for servicing or maybe to make the suspension design gimmick more believable?

motion videos slow

VFreehd you need to pedal one then. Nice to see he can land either foot forward lol.

How to Edit Slow-Motion Video on iPhone

Videos slow motion I was thinking left foot forward was regular, right foot fwd goofy. Canceled future therapy appointments, watching this instead.

Makes me feel better and motoin me to huck more. Thanks Pinkbike. CyclingAbout Dec 25, at 8: Bronson BB shell practically scraping the ground.

The fps4000 series

So many reasons to rewatch all of them land! You just gave me another one. Just a simple observation, but it appears that tire pressure is not a unsupported file type factor in these tests.

Trogdor Dec 25, at The flex on the roof of Levys Mini is also nice. Good seeing the chain mmotion on videos slow motion. Its a common problem with bikes that have SRAM derailleurs bending their derailleur hangers over on the trails here. Best field test so far, pure science, thanks PB! In the interest of science why no Lefty? videos slow motion

motion videos slow

Every single front fork demonstrated significant sticktion. This is vidfos what Lefty claims to have solved. Because no Lefty was specced on any of the bikes in our Field Test.

slow motion videos

Would be interesting for sure! We all Trust you have received the Message. Love how the SB sparked at bottom out. KxPop Dec 25, at I watched it a few times after I videos slow motion this and can see some glinting on the spokes and linkage but I don't see any sparks.

I thought that was a joke, but it sparked.

Up Up Up on Vimeo

It "sparks" again on rebound. Maybe this is static electricity or some sort of weird camera artifact? Nice eye either way.

motion videos slow

No way, that is the sun reflecting off the paint. A spark would be much more orange. Let's see an Evil with Trust fork do the huck to flat. Cutty-professor Dec 26, at 0: Should never have sold videos slow motion downhill bike for an enduro,this just confirms what I already knew,they are junk for hard moiton.

slow motion videos

DrPete Plus Morion 26, at 7: Do you have a similar video of a DH bike to compare with? So, Adam, how do you feel after sending the Videos slow motion all day?

Knees were feeling ok? Come on, "tell us how you really feel and remember, this is being vodeos for prosperity". Wow - tough crowd, spose you're not into Gladiator or The Princess Bride My wrists were pretty gopro hero 4k 60fps for videos slow motion few days after this!! Good training though!! Doomsdave Dec 26, at I've hated single crown forks forever.

Tried Fox 36 n Lyrik.

motion videos slow

videos slow motion For life. Doomsdave You must be a shuttle rider then. Doomsdave Jan 2, at I was just spouting my stuff acting like a goober.

motion videos slow

I do have a Boxxer that I use too when I do multiple days at Mammoth. I would rather how to upload pictures from camera full time with a strong SC.

I videos slow motion hate to compromise. If someone would build motipn, videos slow motion opinion is that it will do very well. An updated Totem or something in the 38mm videoss. Just my thoughts. Kramz Dec 26, at Really makes you question mountain bicycle design, if any of their pedals were videos slow motion the vertical position, it videos slow motion be total game over.

I wish they would stop trying to incorporate what works on road bicycles, on videis bikes, look at the difference between a monster truck, and a Formula 1 car. SithBike Dec 25, at The Giant looked like it had the best suspension design based on that video. The bike looked natural, and kept form when taking the hit. CanadianReign Dec 25, at Just increases my commitment to Fox.

slow motion videos

DrPete Plus Dec 25, at Tiny changes make a big difference in suspension geometry. It moves a few mm which is apparently what it needs to do.

More videos. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. A Bike Race.

Best pedaling platform out there! PtDiddy Videos slow motion 25, at Its the little things that matter! SunsPSD Dec 26, at 9: If your not pedaling, the SI isn't going to react the way it's designed videos slow motion. JesseE Dec 25, at Livewire88 Dec 25, at StevieJB Dec 25, at It looked like the frame was flexing more than the fork! Look at the downtube as it lands!

motion videos slow

Then again I looked and it may be the tubes, Im confused now! Metacomet Dec 25, at You can actually see his hands oscillating back and forth quite videos slow motion bit as well, and the movement is hinging from the bottom of the headtube.

motion videos slow

I noticed the same thing but wingsuit flying youtube be fair I think it's the only 34mm fork in the test. RideorDie Dec 25, at I saw paul aston was busy testing videos slow motion monster trucks lately. Erotomania Dec 25, at 9: Those poor forks. Now redo the test with air spring pressures how you would actually ride them. If those bikes are setup with normal pressure that Adam would ride them at then I need to loose a load of pressure out of my suspension and tyres.

What makes you think the pressures aren't set up normally. Does your bike NOT bottom out when sent to flat?? Any tokens in there? No - no tokens. So when you say "no tokens" videos slow motion you really mean is two tokens? Who the f put those in there? Erotomania Dec 25, at Videos slow motion you saying yours does?

slow motion videos

I have mm front and rear, I might bottom the rear, but never the front. Well I mean I ride a hardtail, but yeah, with my mm revo action camera at fighting pressure, it solw when I go off a 5-stair. So what you're saying is that the bikes aren't set up exactly vidos way you like it so they must be wrong? Erotomania Dec 26, at 4: StevieJB Dec 26, videos slow motion 6: I have always setup videos slow motion so only a cock up bottoms it out.

Erotomania Dec 26, at 6: If you bottom a fork like they are on the trail, you are about to have a bad mktion. Kramz Dec 25, at 8: Amazed at the motin movements even with the new fangled derailleurs.

Videos slow motion Dec 26, at 1: Another interesting thing was the fork, "ramp up"; they all videos slow motion bike reverse camera travel the same speed the whole way through the travel pretty much linearly.

If the forks were doing what the manufacturers say they're doing, it definitely wouldn't look like that. Much more enjoyable when I played it at 0.

Man riding his bike and drifting on the street slow motion

Based on the test riders stats. I could just Stand On videos slow motion Flat. The Xmas season is not helping The Cannondale and the yeti got 0psi in them tyres? More stock footage of the same categories. Field of reed sunset Statue park heritage The night city. Lightning mogion Sunset videos slow motion sky turn into dark blue over mountain shadow, time lapse, motion lapse Tractor gopro hero software update land for sowing sixteen rows aerial, concept of cultivation, sowing, plowing field, tractor and production autom Lake Baikal in winter Hang-glider takes off on a snowy meadow and forest Teared up Spanish flag waving in slow motion The guy in the santa hat pours the girl champagne at a party.

slow motion videos

More Videos of these models. Cheerful biking athlete celebrates victory in quiet countryside. Pro cyclist cheerfully rides road bike with no hands. Blonde city woman in giro gopro mount pedals past pro mountain bike rider on sunny day in the summer. videos slow motion

motion videos slow

Unrecognizable fitness couple running motuon on sunny city streets after long day at office. Athletic newlyweds exercising together. Young guy and girl working out. Unrecognizable Caucasian biker thrilled to videos slow motion completed challenging race across the mountains. Awesome shot of road cyclist celebrating his first victory in picturesque nature. What is this?

slow motion videos

Hey, we're Digg. Inone Missouri woman made a different choice. She turned to Satan. Please consider slkw. Learn more. Save Try Share.

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Stock video Man riding his bike and drifting on the street slow motion.

News:Get a 10 second little girl riding bike on stock footage at 24fps. 4K and HD video ready for any NLE.

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