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Dec 3, - The Yi's video quality and shooting options are well above other cameras in its The Bottom Line ​The Xiaomi Yi Action Cam's video quality and shooting at 3, 5 or 7fps or 7 frames over 2 seconds; or at time intervals of , 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. YI 4K+ Action Camera, Sports Cam with 4k/.

Yi 4K Action Camera Review

It is a retina display, and is viewable from a degree angle. To switch on the YI 4K Action Camera, hold down the power button for a couple of seconds, and you should see the rear screen burst into life. You can see how many pictures or video are already stored on the memory card, and how many you have left.

The 10 best action cameras in 2019

You can see the status of reviwe battery, and whether or not Wi-Fi is switched on. Finally, in the middle of the bottom is the photo mode. It has slightly curved edges and feels quite neat in hand. The design is quite appealing and simple. The entire camera has only one button.

review 4k action camera yi xiaomi 2

In the past I complained a lot about action cameras having too many things on them, but the YI 2 engineers really nailed it. I noticed that the color coating gets scratched a bit too xiakmi. My impression is that the previous model had a patterned look which was more scratch-resistant. gopro aviation mounts

review 4k camera 2 xiaomi action yi

This is revuew you gopro black sale plug in the supplied USB cable to charge the camera or connect it to a PC for easier file transferring.

On the camrra hand there are people who like to view their images and videos directly from a camera onto a TV. The bottom of the camera has a battery compartment and a memory card slot. Finally, I saved the best for the last. At the back of the camera there is a 2.

Yi Lite Features

Furthermore it allows you tiger shark feeding view videos in 30fps. According to the manufacturer the screen is made out of Gorilla Glasswhich xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review resistant to scratches.

In my research Camega was unable to find the confirmation of this. Obviously I did not want to destroy my screen just for the sake of the test I admit it: I love my YI2 way too much to scratch it. I asked YI Technology for a document that verifies this. In daylight thecamera works very well.

yi 4k review action camera 2 xiaomi

It creates quite natural looking footage. Because of its capability to create 4K videos, this is the resolution I tested out the most. Honestly, there was no significant difference between full HD p and 4K when previewing videos on my p monitor or TV.

Apr 27, - Hello, my dear Aliholics! I've long wanted a new action camera, and during this year's March Anniversary sale I got myself a Xiaomi Yi 4k.

Xiaomu its predecessor which had some issues with the focus adjustment, YI 2 focus was well set for both close ups and long-distance footage. Even though most action cameras do not work that well in a low light sandisk ultra plus 16gb micro sd, I was quite satisfied with how YI2 records at night.

Two features that were quite neat were out-of-the — box slow motion and time-lapse modes. You can see how that looks in two videos below. So my recommendation is to reeview to adjust settings manually according to xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review scene. This requires a bit of practice though. The YI 2 has a Sony IMX image senor inside and in combination with 7 glass lens the camera captures nice photographs even when facing direct sunlight.

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More light collected and directed into an image sensor gives better, brighter output in low light. Camfra the yyi things to consider when buying an action xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review are: Eeview of all, the YI 2 has decent sound quality in normal situations. As you can hear, when there is a lot of bass, the audio gets pretty messed up. In the other two samples you can hear that when there is no bass, the YI2 captures loud sounds decently — still not perfect but for an action camera quite 3.5 mm adapter cable. You can always attach an external voice recorder and merge audio and video from the camera in post production.

Absolutely amazing. As a matter of fact its interface is extremely easy to understand and works quite well. Whoever was in charge of user experience and menu design deserves to be praised. While each mode brings new settings to tweak, there are some which xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review standard and appear in all modes.

Below is an overview of all settings and brief explanation of each. This part might be a revkew boring for some. Video resolution determines how many pixels details, dots will your video have both horizontally and vertically.

action camera review 2 yi 4k xiaomi

For instance x means that there will be pixels vertically and horizontally. This is quite basic clarification though. As you notice, besides resolution, you can choose from different FPS frames per second.

Reducing the angle is achieved by using xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review to crop the image. Medium and narrow view will reduce the fish-eye distortion caused by the wide angle lens. When auto low light is enabled the camera will try to automatically determine shutter speed and ISO. To change the warmth or coolness of the footage, make sure to adjust the white balance properly. There is no best WB per se. Grab bags review first one, Yi Color, gives color-rich images, where as the second one, Flat, provides less saturated color.

Higher ISO should be used in lower light situations. Lower ISO should be used xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review there is enough light. Increasing ISO can improve your images and video at night, but it can also cause image noise.

The YI 2 has electronic image stabilization. As opposed to optical stabilization that expensive DSLR and mirorless cameras have, all action cameras have why do apps crash on android sort of software implemented stabilization which works in a similar way in all of them.

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When enabled, EIS will reduce the field of view and crop the frame, eliminating distortion caused by wide angle and stabilizing rdview. Hero4 Black vs Hero4 Silver 7. Hero5 Black vs Yi 4K 8.

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Best Microphones 7. Cases for GoPro 8. SD Cards for GoPro 9. Batteries for Hero5 Black Filters for GoPro Accessories for SJ Accessories for Yi 4K. GoPro Tips and Tricks 2.

How to use Hero5 Black 3. GoPro timelapse Tips 4. Avoid fogs on lens 5. Underwater shooting tips 6. Improve sound quality 7. Shoot timelapse with Hero5 8. Burst modetutorial 9. Improve battery life. Video editor xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review GoPro 2. GoPro Studio Alternatives 3.

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How to use GoPro Studio 4. Mobile editing apps for GoPro 5. Correct fisheye lens 6.

camera 2 review yi xiaomi 4k action

File Format FW 1. Burst Frequency: Time Lapse Video Interval: Video Length: Video time-lapse is currently only available in 2. Previously it was labelled Lens aberration correction or lens rectification. Lens distortion adjustment does not work in 4K video mode.

4k action review camera xiaomi 2 yi

WiFi Where you can set switch wifi on and off, display the settings and switch between 2. Standard password is Brightness Which is related to the brightness of the LCD screen: Higher brightness requires more energy which will result in shorter battery life.

Beeps earlier called Volume Which is the volume for the buzzer sound when hitting the button: Mic You can set the mic of your cam to high or low. Choose low in loud surroundings or when there is a lot of wind noise when not in case. You can also mute audio recording. Sound Effect You can choose xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review Stereo and Wind. So another option to get better audio if there is a lot of wind. LEDs new with xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera review 1.

In Housing Mode new with firmware 1. If activated you now have a new menu where you can dual wall charger all operation modes and turn off the camera.

How To Buy An Action Camera – Full Guide

reviw Of course when long pressing the button you can turn on the camera again. Video Standard was moved to device settings with Firmware 1. As as side note: Advanced Screen Auto Lock: Auto Power Off: When the cam powers xiaoki when in standby.

Video Rotation: At the launch of YI 4K there were international and The kangaroo forest versions. In the meantime both versions run the same firmware and can be used with any language.

Friendly Interface

Besides that Bsa official website versions are not available outside China. You can browse, select, play and scroll your footage with your TV remote. My camera was delivered with firmware version 0. Since then the Firmware was improved many times, you can find all Change logs below.

Firmware 1. Beta Versions can be found here:

News:Jul 25, - Yi are becoming well known for high quality action cameras at very competitive prices. A 2" screen (made of scratch resistant Gorilla glass); 4K video (only . A lot of the Yi products don't have any choice in color, so you are.

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